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📘 Command Help

This is a full list of every command and their arguments.

**is!calculation <Type of calculation - Run is!calculation to see all possibilities>**

A command that lets you do orbital mechanic calculations.

**is!launches [Number of Launches. Max of 20]**

Get information about upcoming launches.
Aliases: ll, listlaunches


Get the current people in space.


Provides information about my Privacy Policy

**is!planet <The Planet>**

Fetches details about planet.
Aliases: body

**is!deltav [The Planet to Encounter]**

Get the approximate DeltaV for encountering another planet from Low Earth/Kerbin Orbit. This can be either the real life solar system or the Kerbol system.


Look at any Near-Earth Objects that are around the orbit of Earth right now.


View my Terms of Service.


Be a cool dude and donate to my creator to keep me alive.


Gets the current ISS Position.

**is!nasaimage <Keywords to Search For>**

Get a random image with keywords from NASA's media website. You can use -yearStart and -yearEnd to define years, and -index to stop it from getting a random image every time.


Vote for the bot.


Will DM you all the available commands in the bot.
Aliases: commands

**is!nextlaunch [Offset]**

Fetches details about the next rocket launch.
Aliases: nl


Visit my Website.


View the Astronomy Picture Of the Day.


this is a test command

**is!epic [Day **OR** "information"] [Month] [Year]**

View today's image from NASA's Earth Polychromatic Imaging Camera (EPIC) Satellite. Can also provide info about the EPIC camera.


Get weather updates on Mars from NASA's InSight mission.
Aliases: marsweather


Provides information about me


Get my Gitlab page which is used for tracking any issues and feature requests with me.

**is!rover [The camera to use] [The Rover Name] [The SOL (Martian Day) or "any"]**

Get a random picture from the camera of a Mars Rover.

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