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Help Command Preview

KitRobit will send you the following private message when the help command is triggered:
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KitRobit BOT today at 4:20 PM

Visit to start managing bot settings for your server! Make sure you have Manage Server permissions before attempting to manage server settings.

Instant Notifications

At, you can add notifications for your favorite content creators to any channel on your server. Supports YouTube, Twitch, Mixer, and RSS. Premium users can also get Twitter notifications.

Twitch and Mixer Commands

Gives you a list of live streams from the list of channels that the server is subscribed to. Cuts off the list at 25 streams.


You can give watermelons to people by reacting to their messages with a 🍉 emoji. KitRobit will keep track of how many watermelons everyone has. This feature can be turned off if you're afraid watermelons will overwhelm your text chat. There are commands for checking watermelon counts, giving watermelons, and creating a watermelon lottery.

Type !help watermelons for a list of watermelon commands.

Time Conversion

!time -z [time zone code] [Announcement containing time]
example: !time Let's play League of Legends at 5 tonight!
This command will take any message containing time, and output an identical message with a timestamp that all users will see converted to their own time zone. Your time zone can be specified with the !timezone command (this is recommended, since it is saved forever), or by including the -z [time zone code] option in your command. UTC will be used if no time zone is given. This command recognizes natural phrases like 'tomorrow at 3', 'Monday at 9 AM', or 'in five hours'. Only English phrases will work. You can also give a date, like 6/4 or 2018/09/20 (YYYY/MM/DD is the date format you should use if you don't want it to be interpreted as an American date format). If the bot has Manage Messages permission, it will delete your original command message for a cleaner look.

Set Time Zone

!timezone [time zone code]
Saves your preferred time zone when using the !timecommand. This accepts codes such as CST, PST, CET, etc., as well as city/region time zones such as Madrid, Samoa, Auckland, etc. Time zones based on universal time are also accepted, such as UTC+8, GMT-2, etc.

Other Commands

!8ball [a yes/no question]
example: !8ball Am I beautiful? -> CONCENTRATE AND ASK AGAIN
Gives you a random answer just like a classic 8-ball toy.

List of KitRobit features/commands.

!roll example: !roll 2d10 -> (4 + 7) = 11
Rolls dice and calculates any arithmetic you used with them. !roll 2d10 means to roll 2 10-sided dice and give the resulting numbers from each dice. A more complicated example would be:
!roll (2d10 + 1d6) * 3 -> ((6 + 8) + 5) * 3 = 57

Gives you KitRobit's website:

Outputs the watermelon leaderboard page:

Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of KitRobit by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
!live -
!time -
!timezone -
!lotto -
!watermelons -
!give -
!roll -
!help -
!site -
!leaderboard -
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