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When inviting Logger to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Logger BOT today at 4:20 PM

Below, you can see my commands listed by name and description. To learn more about a command or view examples, use %help commandname.


Makes a log online of up to the last 1000 messages in a channel. Does NOT delete any messages. Patreon bot only: fetch 10,000 messages & upgraded log site

%archive 5 <- lowest amount possible
%archive 1000 <- maximum count of messages to archive
%archive 25 <- create a log of the last 25 messages in the channel


Provides the information needed to clear your data from the bot. Your stored data (messages) is automatically deleted after two days from the database regardless of using this command.



DM you with a help message!

%help <- DM a help message with every command
%help setchannel <- get further info (examples) on any command


Ignore any event that originates from the channel this command is used in. Use in the text channel you want to the bot to ignore OR provide a channel id (can be a voice channel) as a suffix.

%ignorechannel <- ignore events from the channel this is ran in
%ignorechannel voice channel id <- ignore voice events related to the given channel
%ignorechannel text channel id <- ignore text-related events related to the given channel


Get information about how Logger was made and the current shard serving you.



Returns an embed with multiple invites to choose your preferred permissions.

%invite <- returns an embed with invites for different use cases (fewer required perms = better!)


Use this to toggle whether I log actions done bots or not (DEFAULT: disabled). Does NOT ignore bots deleting messages!

%logbots <- toggle whether bot actions are logged, current status will be returned (ignoring or actively logging)


Get Logger's round-trip time to Discord.



Completely resets my stored settings for your server. If you want to undo or otherwise disable Logger logging in the server, this is the command.

%reset <- asks for confirmation (say "yes") before clearing logging settings for the server.


Use to get information about the current server (emojis, owner, member count, etc)



The dashboard is the easiest way to setup! Setchannel configures bot logging behavior.

%setchannel <- log everything where this is sent
%setchannel messageDelete, messageUpdate <- logs message deletions and updates
%setchannel guildMemberAdd, guildMemberRemove, guildMemberKick <- joins, leaves, kicks logging (YOU MUST ALLOW LOGGER MANAGE CHANNELS AND MANAGE SERVER FOR JOIN LOGGING TO WORK! Why? Discord does not send invite info without it!)
%setchannel anyevent <- set events one-by-one to log. Use commas for multiple. Valid events:


Use this in a log channel to stop me from logging certain (or all) events. This command is the opposite of setchannel and can be used the same way to unset events instead of setting them.

%stoplogging <- stops logging every event configured to log to the channel it's used in
%stoplogging messageDelete, messageUpdate <- if the bot was logging messageDelete and messageUpdate to the channel this is used in, now it is unset
%stoplogging guildMemberVerify <- if the bot was logging member verify events to the channel this was used in, it will stop doing so


Ignore any event provided after this command. You should have no need for this command when you can stop an event from logging by using %stoplogging or by signing into the dashboard.

Unneccesary, this command is deprecated.


Use this with a mention to get info about a user or about yourself with no mention.

%userinfo <- create an embed showing information about you
%userinfo @AnyUser <- create an embed showing information about the user that was mentioned


Bot Status

Logger's current status is offline
Last checked (2024-06-17 19:10:04 UTC)
The bot was online (2024-04-05 04:30:03 UTC).

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