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Currently we have 0 bot commands and 99 slash commands for Ocelot Discord bot.

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Command Description
Command Description
/1984 1984 Meme
/8ball Magic 8-ball
/advice Wise Advice
/ai Artificial Intelligence
/apex Apex Stats
/b B-ify
/bandname Band Name Generator
/barcode Barcode Generator
/bernie Bernie Meme
/brazzers Brazzers
/calc Calculator
/changemymind Change My Mind Meme
/chess Chess
/chinese Chinese Text
/clap Clap Text
/colour Colour Code
/commandcount Command Count
/compliment Compliment
/crop Crop Image
/crush Crush
/define Dictionary Lookup
/defineud Urban Dictionary
/dictator Dictator Meme
/edgy Edgy Text
/emoji Emoji Search
/error Error Message Generator
/esteal Steal Emoji
/expand Expand
/eyes Red Eyes
/face Face Recognition
/feedback Leave Feedback
/firetext Fire Text Generator
/flip Coin Flip
/fortnite Fortnite Stats
/friendship Friendship ended with
/halloween Halloween Countdown
/handicap Handicapped Meme
/help Help Command
/horny Horny License
/icetext Ice Text Generator
/identify Identify Image
/image Google Image Search
/imagemacro Image Macro
/inspiration Inspriational Quote
/insult Insult Generator
/invite Bot Invite Link
/ipinfo IP Info
/jesus Jesus Meme
/lang Available Languages
/lewd Random Lewd Image
/lisa Lisa Meme
/lovetext Love Text Generator
/mafia Mafia Boss
/monochrome Monochrome Image
/neko Random Neko Image
/newnick New Nickname Generator
/noviews Random 0 views Twitch stream
/numberfact Number Fact
/ocr OCR
/opinion Opinion on
/opinions Strong Opinions Meme
/overlay Overlay Images
/pet Pet Pet
/ping Ping Address
/pinocchio Pinocchio Meme
/pornsuggest Porn Suggest
/potter Harry Potter Text Generator
/premium Ocelot Premium
/rainbow Rainbow Image
/rate Rate
/reddit Reddit Browser
/ronald Ronald Says
/rule34 Rule34 Search
/sexydice Sexy Dice
/shake Shake Image
/shorten Shorten URL
/shy Shy Meme
/snapcode Snapcode Generator
/society We live in a society meme
/spell Spell with Reactions
/spoiler Spoilerise Text
/spongebob Spongebob
/stats Stats
/suggest Suggest a command
/swirl Swirl Image
/tictactoe Tic Tac Toe
/time Time
/toxicity Toxicity Checker
/tradeoffer Trade Offer
/trumptweet Trump Tweet
/unshorten Unshorten URL
/user User Info
/userstats User Stats
/vote Vote For OcelotBOT
/weather Weather
/wiki Wikipedia Search
/wouldyourather Would You Rather?
/xmas Christmas Countdown
/yea Yea Meme

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