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Default Prefix: pl!
Command Description
pl!ban -
pl!kick -
pl!unban -
... -
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When inviting Police to a new server, it will send you this private message:
Police avatar
Police BOT today at 4:20 PM
Available Commands πŸ€–
Moderation πŸ› 

πŸ”¨ pl!ban
πŸ‘’ pl!kick
πŸ”© pl!unban
πŸ”‡ pl!mute
πŸ”Š pl!unmute
⚠️ pl!warn
πŸ”Œ pl!voicekick

Utilities βœ‚οΈ

πŸ—‘οΈ pl!purge
πŸ“Œ pl!role
πŸ’¬ pl!channel
πŸ“Έ pl!avatar

Server Manage πŸŽ›

πŸ”’ pl!lock
πŸ”“ pl!unlock
πŸ”‘ pl!confinement
πŸ”‘ pl!deconfinement

Infos/Stats πŸ“Š

ℹ️ pl!userinfo
ℹ️ pl!serverinfo
πŸ“Š pl!stats
πŸ“ pl!ping

Search πŸ”

πŸ”Ž pl!google
πŸŽ₯ pl!youtube
🌎 pl!wikipedia

Discord Infos πŸ”—

πŸ“₯ pl!invite
πŸ”— pl!dil
πŸ’ˆ pl!badge
πŸ’Έ pl!donate

Fun πŸ‘€

🐈 pl!cat
🐢 pl!dog
🐸 pl!meme
πŸ’¬ pl!ask
πŸ—£ pl!say

~~Music (1) 🎧~~ **(Disabled)**

~~🎡 pl!play~~
~~⏹️ pl!stop~~
~~⏸️ pl!pause~~
~~▢️ pl!resume~~
~~⏩ pl!skip~~
~~⏭ pl!skipto~~
~~πŸ₯ pl!np~~

~~Music (2) 🎧~~ **(Disabled)**

~~πŸ” pl!loop~~
~~πŸ“ƒ pl!queue~~
~~πŸ—‘οΈ pl!remove~~
~~πŸ”Š pl!volume~~
~~🎢 pl!playlist~~
~~πŸ”€ pl!shuffle~~
~~πŸŽ› pl!choose~~

πŸ”ž For NSFW use pl!nsfw

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Police's current status is online
Last checked (2023-01-25 18:55:19 UTC)

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