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inventory Check your or another users inventory.
lootbox List the current lootboxes
recipe See data on a specific recipe; Example: rp!recipe Banana
recipes List all the available server recipes
trade Send a trade offer to another user.
use Use an item. Example: rp!use Banana or rp!use Banana 5
map See the server map
donate Donation information
feedback Give me some feedback on the bot
info Bot Info
ping Test the bot's connection ping
rtd Roll a number of dice with given sides (ndx notation)
source Displays my full source code or for a specific command.
totalcmds Get totals of commands and their number of uses
box Check the pet in your box
pet Subcommands for Pet management, see rp!help pet
salaries See server salaries
salary Get a role's salary. Also includes salary subcommands
prefix View the current custom prefix for the server
settings Get the current server settings
team Check a character's team
experience Get your or another user's level information. Help on this comma...
userinfo Get info on a user
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help Shows this message

Type rp!help command for more info on a command.
You can also type rp!help category for more info on a category.

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You can always get more help on the command list of RPGBot by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
rp!help -
rp!allchars -
rp!character -
rp!baltop -
rp!bank -
rp!bid -
rp!givemoney -
rp!lotto -
rp!market -
rp!pay -
rp!shop -
rp!startbid -
rp!takemoney -
rp!guild -
rp!guilds -
rp!craft -
rp!give -
rp!giveitem -
rp!inventory -
rp!lootbox -
rp!offer -
rp!recipe -
rp!recipes -
rp!respond -
rp!use -
rp!wipeinv -
rp!map -
rp!donate -
rp!feedback -
rp!info -
rp!ping -
rp!rtd -
rp!source -
rp!totalcmds -
rp!box -
rp!pet -
rp!salaries -
rp!salary -
rp!currency -
rp!deleteafter -
rp!language -
rp!loaddnd -
rp!loaddndmagic -
rp!loaddndshop -
rp!loadmagicshop -
rp!loadpokemon -
rp!loadstarwars -
rp!loadstarwarsshop -
rp!setstart -
rp!settings -
rp!unload -
rp!team -
rp!experience -
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