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When inviting SupportBot to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Terms of Service:
- Don't be a bot on a user account and use SupportBot.
- Don't abuse bugs. If you find a bug, please report it to us.
- Don't spam useless feedback
- If you do not want to use SupportBot, let us know and we'll opt you out of our services.
- We reserve the right to ban users and servers from using SupportBot at our discretion.
- We collect data on SupportBot usage to improve user experience and to prevent abuse.
For additional help, please visit

<required parameter> [optional parameter]


Displays this information card.


Provides information on how to add SupportBot to a different server.

`llink <region> <username>`

If your LoL ign is different from your discord username, you can set your LoL ign using this command, and SupportBot will remember it.



SupportBot forgets your preferred username and region.

`<region> [username]`

< link>

Displays summoner information.

`matchhistory <region> [username]`

mh <region> [username]

Displays basic information about the 5 most recent games played.

`matchhistory<number> <region> [username]`

mh<number> <region> [username]

Displays detailed information about one of your most recently played games.

`livegame <region> [username]`

lg <region> [username]

Shows information about a game currently being played.

`service status <region>`

servicestatus <region>
status <region>
ss <region>

Shows information on the uptime of LoL services in a region.

`multi <region> <comma separated list of usernames/lobby text>`

m <region> <list of usernames or lobby text>

Compares multiple summoners in a region against each other.

`fairteamgenerator <region> <comma separated list of usernames/lobby text>`

ftg <region> <list of usernames or lobby text>

Generates fair teams from a list of summoners.

`fromlastgame <region> [username]`

flg <region> [username]

Shows people you've recently played with, which teams they were on, and which champions were played.


Displays a list of nicknames you've set for friends with hard to spell names. Visit for more information on this family of commands.

`lsetting <setting name> <value>`

Set server preferences for: prefix, auto-opgg, force-prefix, release-notifications, global-feedback. See our website for more details.

SupportBot v1.8.2

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Last checked (2021-08-31 07:35:04 UTC)

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