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!get (date) {time} {timezone}
!get supports many formats but requires atleast time with time zone, you can also supply it with date. Returns how many (days), hours and minutes till the time happens
Examples: !get 12pm GMT+2
!get 26 June 12pm GMT+2

!create (date) {time} {timezone}
Same as !get, supports many formats and requires atleast time and time zone data. Returns a link to a live countdown.
Example: !create June 26 12pm GMT+2

!toUTC (date) {time} {timezone}
Converts the time and time zone you provided to UTC time.
Examples: !toUTC 5pm GMT+2 returns: 2:00PM UTC
!toUTC June 26 5pm GMT+2 returns: Jun 26 2:00PM UTC

!convert (date) {time} {timezone} to {timezone to convert to or a list of timezones}
Converts the time and and time zone to the other time zone you entered. You can specify a "list" of time zones to convert to, like in the example below.
Examples: !convert 1pm gmt+3 to gmt+4 returns: Converted time(s): GMT+4: Jun 26 2:00PM GMT+4
!convert 10AM PST to UTC GMT+2 EST returns: Converted time(s): UTC: Jun 26 5:00PM GMT+2: Jun 26 7:00PM EDT: Jun 27 1:0PAM

Please leave feedback/suggestions and report issues to: info@countle.com

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You can always get more help on the command list of Time Zone Bot by visiting their support server or their website:
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