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Currently we have 1 bot commands and 26 slash commands for UB3R-B0T Discord bot.

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Command Description
.tv -
Command Description
/8ball Ask the magical 8ball a question, and get an answer.
/animal Returns an animal picture from a variety of sources, or a random one. Because, animals.
/anime Searches MyAnimeList.net for anime
/beer Searches BeerAdvocate for beer data.
/bgg Gets info about a board game, from BoardgameGeek
/chucknorris Find out 100% true, real facts about Chuck Norris. irc bots from 2005 want their commands back
/cocktail Gets cocktail information from http://www.thecocktaildb.com/
/cowsay Moo.
/define Defines a word, via Merriam-Webster
/event Fetches a random historical event from the day, from Wikipedia
/figlet Creates large characters made up of ordinary screen characters
/fm Get the most recent song you or the provided username has listened to (using their Last.FM account)
/fortune Gets a fortune from http://yerkee.com
/hltb Gets the approximate time to beat a game, from http://howlongtobeat.com
/imdb Gets movie info from IMDB
/insult Get an insult, powered by the lovely contents found at https://github.com/jasonlau/jQuery-jlInsults
/isup Checks to see if the given site is up or not
/lastfm Get the most recent song you or the provided username has listened to (using their Last.FM account)
/metal Searches metal-archives.com for band information.
/mtg Search for a magic the gathering card, powered by https://scryfall.com/
/rt Gets movie info from Rotten Tomatoes.
/spotify Fetches link / info from spotify for a song. It does not play it. This is not a music bot.
/stock Get stock information from https://www.alphavantage.co
/ud Gets a definition of a word / phrase from Urban Dictionary
/wiki Fetches the first result from Wikipedia
/yt Fetches the first result from YouTube

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