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Flipboard is an RSS reader app that is available for iOS, Android, and a limited version on the Web. It's designed to give you quick access to all your RSS feeds according to a category, which the app... organizes together into magazines. You then flip through the various news available for that category, leaving comments or liking content as you browse. Read moreless
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Alternatives to Flipboard

  1. Feedly alternatives



    Feedly software offers you a unique way to browse content across your preferred websites, Tumblr blogs, RSS feeds, and watch your favorite channels on YouTube. The platform ensures that users do no...

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  2. Inoreader alternatives



    Inoreader is a web-based content platform that uses RSS technology to find the best news articles, blog posts, and social media feeds for your needs. With the ability to download apps on Apple, And...

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  3. Pocket alternatives



    Read, share, and save stories that you find on the internet so that you can enjoy them later or so that other people can enjoy them.

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  4. NewsBlur alternatives



    NewsBlur is free on the web, iPad, iPhone, and Android. By subscribing to a premium account, you support a growing service and unlock a few restrictions.

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  5. The Old Reader alternatives

    The Old Reader


    Read all your favorite online content in one place. Import your subscriptions in one click, find your friends, and start sharing.

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  6. Digg Reader alternatives

    Digg Reader is a mobile news aggregate app that adapts to the preferences of the reader dynamically.

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  7. Feedbin alternatives



    A fast, simple RSS feed reader that delivers a great reading experience.

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  8. Reeder alternatives



    If you enjoy online publications, you already know the value of RSS feeds. However, finding a good RSS reader isn't always easy. Like other RSS readers before it, Reeder allows you to subscribe to ...

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  9. Tiny Tiny RSS alternatives

    Re: List of related software. Postby nameless » Thu Nov 19, 2015 17:53. just came across this https://jangernert. github. io/feedreader/ a gtk based desktop client for ttrss.

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  10. Netvibes alternatives



    Netvibes is a personalized platform for gathering intelligence from news, RSS feeds and other sources. The company behind Netvibes founded in 2005 and has offices in Paris, San Francisco and New York.

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  11. News360 alternatives



    News360 learns what you like (and don't like) and finds news articles and blog posts from across the Internet that are the most relevant to you, personally.

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  12. AOL Reader alternatives

    AOL Reader


    AOL Reader For iOS. Bring that same RSS reader experience you enjoy using everyday with you. Browse all your favorite websites, switch between different views, and search like you would on your des...

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  13. LinkedIn Pulse alternatives

    Make the most of LinkedIn with our suite of mobile apps. We'll help you search for jobs, get your daily professional news, build your skills and much more.

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  14. CommaFeed alternatives



    CommaFeed is a free news reader program that is currently only available through a web browser. The interface is cleaner and simpler than other news reader services, with a minimal amount of features.

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  15. Liferea alternatives



    Liferea is a web feed reader/news aggregator that brings together all of the content from your favorite subscriptions into a simple interface that makes it easy to organize and browse feeds. Its GU...

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  16. Digg alternatives



    Digg Reader is a simple but powerful RSS and feed reader for web, Android, and iPhone. Try it free today.

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  17. Miniflux alternatives



    Miniflux is a minimalist and opinionated feed reader.

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  18. Issuu alternatives



    Issuu is a free magazine aggregator that allows you to share, find, and read articles from your favorite periodicals. The app comes with a library of over 30 million individual magazines, so you w...

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  19. Nuzzel alternatives



    Next-generation news monitoring and research tool for PR professionals, investors, researchers, marketers, sales people, lawyers, and business owners. Continuously tracks the most comprehensive set...

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  20. Mashable alternatives



    Mashable is a global, multi-platform media and entertainment company.‎Tech · ‎Entertainment · ‎Culture · ‎Business.

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  21. Press alternatives



    We use cookies to enhance your experience on our website. By clicking 'continue ' or by continuing to use our website, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. You can change your cookie settings a...

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  22. News Republic alternatives

    News Republic offers complete, up-to-the-minute daily breaking news and headlines from over 3, 000 fully licensed and trusted national and international sources.

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  23. Yahoo News Digest alternatives

    Watch shows, play along and get rewarded! Yahoo Play has the latest in celebrity, pop culture and entertainment news.. More.

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  24. Circa News alternatives

    Circa News


    January 09, 2018 12:46 PM EST. Humor. This is what happens when you're terrible at paying attention. December 20, 2017 04:18 PM EST. Humor.

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  25. Google Play Newsstand alternatives

    Google News is a smart news app that organizes what’s happening in the world to help you learn more about the stories that matter to you. With Google News, you’ll see: Your briefing - It can be ...

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  26. BuzzFeed alternatives



    BuzzFeed is an independent media company that creates articles for various purposes. BuzzFeed has a news section and is building a reputation as a journalistic outfit. They also create online enter...

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  27. News.me alternatives



    The seed for this crawl was a list of every host in the Wayback Machine.

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  28. Pulse alternatives



    Pulse is an application that downloads pictures from the internet and uses those images to automatically change your wallpaper. You would choose the search and filtering options and Pulse will find...

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  29. Reddit alternatives



    Reddit is a website featuring a wide variety of different content, and it has something for just about everyone. Whether you want to catch the latest news or the watch some funny cat videos, Reddi...

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  30. Newsadoo alternatives



    We are revolutionizing the news reading experience with a free service based on AI, accessible cross-device.

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  31. Magforest.com alternatives

    Magforest is an online digital magazines distribution platform for magazine publishers and readers. An innovative digital magazine newsstand featuring hundreds of magazines.

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  32. daily.dev alternatives



    daily.dev is a community of developers getting together around discovering and exploring dev news. Join the movement to empower better software together.

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Flipboard Reviews

We have 5 reviews for Flipboard. The average overall ratings is 2.6 / 5 stars.

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Guest avatar
Is it a platform or a publisher
written by Simon on 2019-06-30 10:04:22
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: WAS a good platform, had a diverse range of options from all viewpoints and from mainstream and online media, allowing to mute those that didn't appeal and were popping up too often. Then they decided to start being a publisher and over the top censor with ambiguous guidelines like twitter, etc.

Pros: Allows for quick reference to news and current affairs

Cons: Broad censorship guidelines like: Content that attacks, marginalizes, or dehumanizes.....This includes but is not limited to using.....conspiracy theories, or misinformation. Misinformation: Content that misrepresents information related to elections and voting. Content which contains information or conspiracy theories that has been debunked. What the? Who are these faceless people determining what a conspiracy theory is and who debunked it? You are no longer a platform, you are a publisher

Simon is using Flipboard almost every day since at least a year or more.
Guest avatar
Flipboard Review
written by on 2019-06-30 10:04:22
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: I came to FB when FB purchased Zite. I was immediately impressed by the software and began to extensively use the program. Unfortunately, as Flipboard’s popularity has grown, so has the company’s propensity for selling copious amounts of advertising. So much so that ads are now a big distraction when attempting to read, or save, an article. I am waiting for another Flipboard “Like” program to come along to where I can safely move my accumulated, personal and saved Boards. When that occurs, and I’m hoping soon, FB can kiss me goodbye.

Pros: -

Cons: -

Guest avatar
Way to left leaning
written by DAVID HARVEY on 2021-06-13 01:17:13
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: This app is nothing but left Leaning crap...I want balance..just news not some far left creeps opinion, I don't even read it anymore...I dont mind the left spouting nonsense, but there has to be a counterpoint,your only getting the lefts side of things..just way way way left leaning...zero diversity of thought....all u get is America is bad, Trump sucks, the normal commie side of things...its tiresome...getting rid of this commie trash

Pros: Easy to uss

Cons: Little news, mostly slanted coverage

DAVID HARVEY is using Flipboard a couple of times per year since at least a year or more.
Guest avatar
Too many pop ups and requests for paid content
written by Charles Cavolina on 2021-09-08 09:38:41
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: It was good in the beginning. Now it’s an endless loop of pop ups, and access to articles which want to be paid for content. Who needs that? Imagine generating great ad revenue but alienating you users. Stupid.4

Pros: Ease of use

Cons: See above

Charles Cavolina is using Flipboard almost every day since at least a year or more.
grex avatar
My Opinion on Flipboard
written by grex on 2018-04-01 08:05:01
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: Flipboard is a mobile RSS reader that is designed to change the way we interact with RSS feeds. Flipboard organizes all of your feeds by topics into what it calls magazines, which you can then flip through to see all of your relevant news for the day. It's a quick way to browse through headlines if you're just wanting to get an overview of what's going on that day. Unlike other RSS feeds, Flipboard doesn't host full RSS content, so you'll have to click through to the actual site to read the full article. That's unfortunate if you like to get all of your news reading done without a lot of fluff, but it is an excellent way to support sites that produce content you want to see stick around. Flipboard has some social features, but they're not very fleshed out and honestly best ignored. You can like articles and comment on them, but it's commenting on the article in Flipboard's interface, so the comment is only available to other Flipboard users. That's great if you and your friends are avid Flipboard users, but the app's community is so small that the social features seem tacked on instead of a full feature. Flipboard also caters to those who might not like reading black-on-white text articles with a dark interface that switches to white-on-black, but it's jarring to be taken out of the dark-mode app to the website to read an article on a white screen. That's an unfortunate side effect of Flipboard not having an article mobilizer for reading content on the go. Flipboard's categorization and magazine-flipping presentation have made it a very popular choice for keeping up with RSS feeds and news, but it has a few flaws that keep it from being the perfect app for that.

Pros: Magazine-style news feed Quickly add thousands of your favorite sources Available on iOS, Android, and the Web Share your magazine categories with friends Comment on articles and see your friend's content Browse content by category Customizable interface

Cons: Ad-supported Web version is not as robust as the app No article-only view

grex is using Flipboard every other week recently.


  • Completely free feed reader
  • Magazine-style reading interface
  • Add any RSS feed to your Flipboard
  • Categorize your content by topic
  • Like & comment on articles
You can always update Flipboard to add more features!


Flipboard screenshot 1

Flipboard Videos

Youtube Video: Flipboard - How To Use & App Review

Flipboard is your personal magazine. It is the most popular way to catch up on the news you care about, discover amazing things from around the world, or stay connected to the people closest...

Disclaimer: This video was not made by us, but we found it interesting enough to embed it here.


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