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News360 is a free app available on all mobile devices as well as laptops and desktops. This popular app uses an intriguing combination of data analytics technology -- in particular the processes of natural language and semantic analysis -- to independently learn what quality news items a user would be most interested in. The app specially curates a personalized news feed for each user based on the above and other sources. Keep reading for a detailed look and review of the News360 app, a
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16 Alternatives to News360

  • Inoreader
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  • CommaFeed
    Description of CommaFeed (
  • The Old Reader
    Description of The Old Reader (
  • Digg Reader
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  • Reeder
    Description of Reeder (
  • Digg
    Description of Digg (
  • NewsBlur
    Description of NewsBlur (
  • Flipboard
    Description of Flipboard (
  • Feedly
    Description of Feedly (
  • Netvibes
    Description of Netvibes (
  • Pulse
    Description of Pulse (
  • Mashable
    Description of Mashable (
  • Nuzzel
    Description of Nuzzel (
  • BuzzFeed
    Description of BuzzFeed (
  • Issuu
    Description of Issuu (
  • Pocket
    Description of Pocket (

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