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Instabug software allows users to access bugs and in-app feedback reports of mobile applications. This platform can be integrated with SDK to allow a two-way communication between users and testers... read more.
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28 Best Alternatives to Instabug

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Asana is an exceptionally simple way for any business team to monitor their performance levels while improving systems where they can be improved. The software gives your team the power to take control of projects, tasks, and conversations so that they are maximally beneficial.
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Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier.
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JIRA is a software development tool that was created by Atlassian. This is the software that pro Agile teams use to develop their own software. JIRA software can easily be customized to suit your specific needs.
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A complete software development platform. Phabricator is an integrated set of powerful tools to help companies build higher quality software. Phabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software.
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Assembla is a piece of project management software that contains a vast array of highly useful tools that will streamline any project. It can be used to improve budgeting practices, increase collaboration, track potential issues, notify staff members of important developments, manage tasks, and much more.
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Axosoft is proprietary software for project management. It is also useful in bug tracking. Axosoft was developed for Scrum software development. The tools included in the software are designed to help developers complete projects on time and deliver applications that function as intended.
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Free, online, easy-to-use, fully customizable issue tracking and agile project management tool your development team will love, by JetBrains. Our cloud or your server.
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Backlog is a powerful software development project management tool that is available as an app for Android and iOS devices. It helps businesses coordinate their teams to bring in projects on time and under budget.
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Feedback-driven companies build the best products for people. Usersnap helps you to understand your customers by collecting feedback. Trusted by 1000+ companies.
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Bugsnag monitors apps for errors that impact customers & reports all diagnostic data. Try it free.
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Get started with Crashlytics. iOS and Android! Visibility into your Apps'. performance on both platforms. Say goodbye to bugs.
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Sentry is an impressively versatile and functional platform that developers can use to test their code and respond nimbly whenever their users receive an error message.
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Salesforce Service Cloud

When it comes to customer relationship management (CRM) systems, Salesforce wrote the book. Well, not exactly the book, but they do provide the most thorough explanation of what a CRM is on the internet.
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Queue is a service that helps you promote brands and receive viral growth. The site helps you in a variety of ways, but especially by analyzing market data and giving the best business advice for growing your brand.
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Read the plot for movies and television shows of all genres. You can search for keywords or a specific title using the app. There is also an option to view what your friends are watching online as well.
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Smart Property Systems

Real Estate Asset Links, LLC. is a Delaware company with its principal place of business in Sun Valley, Idaho, USA. Real Estate Asset Links, is a technology company focused on developing tools and services to support the businesses of real estate management and real estate investment.
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Application monitoring software for your entire stack. Fix errors in minutes. Airbrake tells you in real-time what’s broken, where and why.
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codeBeamer ALM is a holistically integrated, collaborative Application Lifecycle Management platform that offers all-round Requirements Management, Development, and Testing Quality Assurance functionality.
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JIRA Service Desk

IT service desk and customer service software by Jira Service Desk. Powerful ticketing system used by 25, 000+ organizations. Try it free today.
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Raygun gives you a window into how users are really experiencing your software applications. Detect, diagnose and resolve issues that are affecting end users with greater speed and accuracy.
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Let your colleagues or clients leave feedback right on a website or image file. Bug tracking has never been easier!
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Easily co-browse with the customer to show them your product by highlighting and drawing. When needed, take complete control. Click, scroll or write for them.
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Helix ALM

Discover why enterprise teams powered by Perforce have freedom to innovate at unrivaled scale. Discover why enterprise teams powered by Perforce have freedom to innovate at unrivaled scale.
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Reporting Tools are expensive? Bug Fixing is annoying? Go get BugBattle! With BugBattle we’ve put the lame task of bug fixing upside down and turned it into a gaming experience for you and the whole development team.
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Reactflow give insight for marketers, product managers and UX designers about how their users experience their website. It reconstruct visitors activity like a movie for playback, while providing extracted console log, heatmaps and funnel analytics.

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Instabug Icon More About Instabug

Instabug software allows users to access bugs and in-app feedback reports of mobile applications. This platform can be integrated with SDK to allow a two-way communication between users and testers. The platform provides detailed feedback reports to developers of mobile apps. Integrating Instabug software with SDK is easy and takes just a minute. Instabug is being used by global leading mobile applications in detecting bugs. Users of the platform also have access to technical support on a 24/7 basis and the software has a five star rating in bug reporting and tracking.

Pros of Instabug

Some of the benefits of using Instabug include
The platform allows users of the software to just shake their devices to report bugs and issues with the shake feature.
It enables mobile app developers to contact the user reporting a bug: The developers can contact users of their apps and get additional information on reported bugs and issues.
The software is compatible with applications such as GitHub, Slack, and JIRA, making it convenient for those with already existing applications.
The technical support and customer care services are amazing. If you report an issue with the software, the technical team will get back to you in just a few minutes.

Cons of Instabug

Some of the software’s limitations are
The cost of accessing the platform is relatively high for small startups.
It does not feature the Knowledge Base/FAQ section. This limits the sources of information for the application users.

Instabug Icon Features of Instabug

Some of the unique features that come with Instabug software include
In-app feedback and bug reporting: The software allows you to get feedback from your mobile app users with minimal effort.
The users do not have to contact you on social media or via email.
Shake feature: The shake feature allows users of mobile apps to report bugs by just shaking their devices.
In-app chat feature: Instabug features an in-app chat that allows you to engage users of your app within the app itself.
With the software, you will communicate with users and provide them with updates easily.
Easy app crash reporting: If your application crashes, the software allows for backend reporting.

Instabug Reviews

by grex about Instabug on March 9, 2018:
Instabug allows easy bug reporting and feedback for your mobile applications. The software features crash reporting, alerts, beta testing, and third-party integration and user communication. The platform is for mobile app developers who would want to identify and fix bugs and address crashes on their mobile apps. The software facilitates bug reporting from its users through screen recording, screenshots, annotations, and survey reports that help developers to come up with solutions for bug fixing.

The platform also enables mobile app developers to collect feedback from users of their apps through a line of code in their apps and relay the information to the App Store or Google Play Store. Using the beta version of the application allows users to report bugs and send feedback in several ways. It features an integrated in-app chat. This enables developers to connect with users of their mobile applications to get additional information on bugs, updates, and report back when the issues are fixed.

Instabug is compatible with applications such as Slack, JIRA, GitHub, Zendesk, and several others. This ensures that businesses need not upgrade their IT software system to make them compatible with Instabug. With the software, you will enjoy an improved beta testing for updated and new mobile applications. It also allows beta users to get in-app feedback.
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