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Mapbox offers powerful but mutable geo data services you can use to create meaningful data-driven maps that adjust to the demands of the real world.
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11 Best Alternatives to MapBox

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QGIS is a desktop geographic information system, or GIS. It allows the user to create geospatial information, such as maps. The software is developed by OSGeo, which stands for the Open Source Geospatial Foundation, and as their name implies, all of their projects' source code is available for forking and modification.
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Leaflet is a JavaScript library that makes it easy for developers to integrate interactive maps into their websites or web apps.
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Spreadsheets have never made you look so good. Sure, you can buy an expensive business intelligence mapping software that requires a Ph. D to use. Or you can use Mapline to create a map from Excel spreadsheet data in seconds.
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Do you need a simple way to make stunning interactive web maps? Mango is the Online GIS that you and your users will love. Try it now for free!
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Maptitude is a mapping software that is fitted with GIS features that avail maps and other forms of data regarding the surrounding geographical areas.
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eSpatial is a cutting edge information management and mapping software created by eSpatial Solutions for business applications. eSpatial mapping software allows businesses to find details that may be hidden in your collected data.
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ArcGIS software is a data analysis, cloud-based mapping platform that allows users to customize maps and see real-time data ranging from logistics support to overall mapping analysis.
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CARTO is the location intelligence platform for turning location data into business outcomes. Unlock the potential of your location data today.
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Surf News, Fantasy Surfer, Photos, Video and Forecasting.
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uDig is a desktop geographic information service (GIS) development platform. It was created by Refractions Research, which has been churning out GIS-related software since 1998.

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Pros of MapBox

One of the most intuitive map-making tools around
Easy to setup and get started
Simplifies the process of integrating multiple data sets

Cons of MapBox

Available tutorials are a little limited
Requires some design experience to leverage effectively

MapBox Icon Features of MapBox

Multiple templates to create maps quickly
Maps and data sets available from multiple open sources
X-ray mode lets you see data sets independent of graphical display

MapBox Reviews

by grex about MapBox on May 18, 2018:
As the internet has created explosive and widely varying methods for us to interact with the world around us, some of the most important innovations go unnoticed. And while the rise of Google Maps and GPS-based games like Pokemon Go and geocaching make use of the digital space to create interesting new methods for the world around us, the practical application of cartography sometimes goes unnoticed. Mapbox takes the tools to map the world around us and puts them in the hands of everyone through the use of an open source cartographic framework. What's especially exciting is how expansive the practical objectives of this tool can be. From creating a meaningful demographic map for your sales team to assisting with census taking to launching an urban planting project, the geo data services that Mapbox offers are expansive, and the technology is already being used by industry giants like Lonely Planet, Pinterest, and CNN.

Mapbox Studio serves as the core user experience - a means to create powerful, aesthetically pleasing, and attractive interactive maps on the fly. Mapbox was built behind the philosophy that it should be powerful enough for the demands of the most experienced cartographer but simple enough for new users to just pick up and use. For the most part, they've achieved their goal, and this is due in large part to their design interface. Opening up Mapbox will reveal a UI that will feel familiar to anyone who's ever used Photoshop or a similar editing app will be right at home with the tools offered. Unlike many other pieces of mapmaking software, all the essentials are there right out of the box. There's no need to fuss around with configurations or outside installations.

There's no coding required to use Mapbox. Simply point and click or drag and drop to create and manipulate maps. You can either start by selecting an existing map from open sources (generally drawn from real GPS coordinates) which can then be overlaid with existing statistical information, or you can create your own from scratch. Multiple data sets can be integrated into the map so you can build sophisticated interactive maps keyed to the unique needs of your business or model, and a simple click of a button will bring you into x-ray mode where you can see all the data set information independent of the graphical map. This allows for more context-driven maps that can be created in an afternoon, and existing templates make it easy for you to take existing data and customize it for your customers.

Mapbox also offers search functions which allow you to easily take coordinates and transform them into addresses. This simplifies the process of compiling information for your data set by taking the legwork out of the process. You can even integrate their turn-by-turn directions directly into your custom map.
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