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When HP’s Sprout Pro was introduced in 2014, everyone saw the possibilities. By 2016 it was being developed for classroom usage. According to HP, the Sprout Pro G2, introduced a year later, has been completely redesigned to integrate high resolution projection, more processing power, advanced 3D scanning, and a better pen for drawing.

Many critics of HP’s initial Sprout offerings contended that the software that came with the 2014 and 2016 versions was not powerful enough to get the most out of the advanced hardware that the 3D scanner offered. HP’s software lacked the capacity to integrate multiple scans over multiple angles. HP’s redesign of the latest Sprout sought to correct numerous issues that made it a fun toy and device for learning but kept it from widespread use in professional industries.
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Pros & Cons of Sprout


  • Scout Pro G2 is a major upgrade on previous models, allowing for more professional results
  • Scout Pro G2 has a more intuitive user interface than standalone hardware and software bundles
  • Scout Pro G2 isn’t just aimed at professionals; it comes with software bundles that work for both professionals and those who are learning the process
  • SDK integration makes it accessible to developers


  • Scout Pro G2’s integration of multiple audiences (novices and professionals) has created an option that’s more expensive for both.

Features of Sprout

  • Professional and beginner level software options for 3D scanning
  • Dual touchscreen display
  • Gen Intel i7
  • Orbbec Astra S sensor
  • Pressure Sensitive Active Pen for editing

Sprout Reviews

  • Written on 2018-03-02 04:26:11:
    "While perhaps not a complete redesign, as HP would have us believe, the Sprout Pro G2 is a significant upgrade on its predecessors. The new software integrates what HP refers to as “quick 3D capture.” This enables a user to rotate the object to catch multiple angles and shadows. An active stylus has replaced the passive one of earlier models, and the processor has been upgraded to the seventh-generation of Intel Core i7. The GPU has also been upgraded to Nvidia’s GTX 960M. One issue here is that this GPU can’t drive a VR headset.

    The overhead camera and projector that drove HP’s previous Sprouts is still there but has now been integrated with an Orbbec Astra S sensor. This has made the technology infinitely more useful for commercial purposes, but the Orbbec Astra S sensor can also be purchased as a standalone piece of hardware. That begs the question: if that’s the tech that’s driving the Sprout Pro G2, is it worth purchasing the entire unit, or should you simply go out and buy the necessary parts to furnish your own?

    While the Scout Pro G2 makes the process of 3D scanning much simpler than other standalone devices, it also comes at the cost of being less simple than it was before. The learning curve is steep, but the results are now professional. Scout Pro G2 also integrates an easier to use software for educational purposes."

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