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Candy was established as a a better way to organize and navigate the web content that matters to you. Its smart note taking method is a clever alternative to traditional bookmarks.
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Your company's website and that yellow pages you've had for years should be very, very different. Your website should be a captivating place with changing content and all sorts of information that would be useful to potential clients.
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Construction projects work on a strict schedule and budget. eTakeoff offers the only construction cost estimation software that makes everything easier.
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PlanSwift allows contractors to create accurate project estimates specific to their individual trade.
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Construction Cost Estimator

The Construction Cost Estimator app helps contractors save time and money by quickly creating on-site cost estimates from an iPhone, iPad, or Mac.
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Put simply, Liner is a virtual highlighter. It works on PDFs and webpages in the same way a regular highlighter works on books and magazine clippings.

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Pros of Candy

A clever alternative to traditional bookmarks
Information accessible even without a dedicated internet connection
Collections system is smart and flexible

Cons of Candy

Advanced features require a paid subscription
Requires rethinking the way you organize your content

Candy Icon Features of Candy

Save text, videos, pictures, and entire websites
Organize, annotate, and share all of your content
Find what you need with a thorough search option

Candy Reviews

by grex about Candy on July 10, 2018:
Bookmarks can be an outdated and inefficient methodology for keeping track of the web content that matters to you. Navigating your bookmarks can be a time consuming process, and oftentimes the information that matters to you is a small segment of text or pictures hidden within the entire content of a page. Candy was established as a clever alternative, a method for picking out only the information that matters to you in a manner that resembles more traditional note taking. In 2016, the service was re-branded as lumio, with major alterations to the user interface to accommodate this change, but the core values of Candy remain intact, and they've been further bolstered by the inclusion of new and more intuitive features.

At its most fundamental core, lumio replicates the process of note taking by essentially allowing you to create footnotes. This is more than just copying and pasting text. Whenever you save a snippet using lumio, it will come along with citations so you can easily refer back to the source of the page. Whether you're using the dedicated lumio app or a Chrome browser extension, saving what matters to you is as simple as highlighting it. Text, videos, and images can all be highlighted, and you can even save entire pages as you would with a traditional bookmark. All of these are then organized and stored along with information on the source you drew from.

Once you've saved these snippets, you have a lot of range in how you want to organize them. The "collections" system simulates audio or video playlists, allowing you to create specific collections dedicated to specific subject matter. It's a unique approach to the traditional bookmark folders model that retains only the information that matters and cuts off the fat in the process. These collections can be accessed either through a convenient browser toolbar or through the more thorough app. Organizing everything in a collection is as simple as dragging and dropping them into place. Each of these snippets can be further annotated with your own personal commentary to help you with organization or more accurately communicate the importance of the information to others. And since all of the information is stored locally, you can access your snippets even if you lose your connection to the internet. A robust search function allows you to dig for what you need simply, and snippets can be saved to multiple collections. The developers behind lumio understand that most people don't wok within a vacuum, and they offer meaningful sharing options that help you trade information with friends, family, or colleagues. These include the ability to share whole collections with lumio users as well as integrations with services like Trello and Slack.
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