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Currently we have help message previews, 0 bot commands and 0 slash commands for Ash Discord bot.

Help Command Preview

This message is shown by AshBot when the help command is sent to a channel:
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AshBot BOT today at 4:20 PM

If you need help join support server
└─ example: ping

NSFW (10)

ass, blowjob, boobs, cowgirl, cumshots, doggystyle, hentai, missionary, neko, pussy
Bot (6)

bot-info, help, ping, prefix, invite, vote

Fun (10)

trump, clever, 8ball, http-cat, http-dog, lgbt, meme, say, trigger, tweet

General (5)

avatar, emoji, fox, server-info, wikihow

Moderation (5)

ban, kick, perms, purge, snipe

Music (12)

8d, clear-queue, loop, now-playing, pause, play, queue, resume, shuffle, skip, stop, volume

Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of AshBot by visiting their support server or their website:
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Command Description

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