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When inviting Dash Delta to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Dash Delta BOT today at 4:20 PM

🗒 Command List:
-choose: Given a comma separated list, randomly choose one of the options.
-generate: Generates random text from built-in roll tables.
-tarot: Draw a card from the tarot deck
-crit: Rolls a critical attack effect.
-fumble: Rolls a critcal fumble effect.
-calculate: Calculates a mathematical expression
-roll: Rolls some dice using common dice notation.
-inline: Executes an inline roll

-checkprefix: Returns the server prefix
-setprefix: Sets the server prefix
-setedition: Sets the server's edition
-checkedition: Returns the server's default edition

-about: Who am I
-help: Provides commands descriptions.

SRD search commands. Available commands are -items, -spells, -feats, -monsters/-bestiary You can also append pf, sf, 5e, 3e to the name to bypass the default edition, e.g. -monsters5e. If results are not showing up, make sure I have the Embed Links permission.

Save common rolls as a personal macro. Use -help macros for usage examples. Commands are -addmacro, -macro, -rawmacro, -editmacro, -delmacro, -listmacros

Similar to macros but can be used by anyone on the same server. Only the author and server managers can edit or remove tags. Commands are -addtag, -tag, -edittag, -deltag, -listtags

Reusable snippets. Can be called from macros and rolls. Use -help script for usage examples. Commands are -addscript, -script, -rawscript, -editscript, -delscript, -listscripts

Tip: Use -help commandname for more a more indepth description on individual tags.

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Last checked (2022-09-12 13:15:03 UTC)

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