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Help Command Preview

This message is shown by Dash Delta when the help command is sent to a channel:
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Dash Delta BOT today at 4:20 PM

I've sent you a DM with my commands.
This server's current prefix is -
The commands can be posted here instead by saying -help here
To get more information about a specific command, use this command with its name, e.g. -help roll
To get set up, you can run the following:
-setprefix to customize this server's command prefix.
-setedition to default your database searches to a particular edition.
-r d20 to roll a die!
If some commands appear empty, you may need to enable displaying embedded content.
If you would like additional support, questions, comments, or bug reports, join the Android Forge. The link is listed in the -about command.

Dash Delta will send you the following private message when the help command is triggered:
Dash Delta avatar
Dash Delta BOT today at 4:20 PM

🗒 Command List:
-choose: Given a comma separated list, randomly choose one of the options.
-generate: Generates random text from built-in roll tables.
-tarot: Draw a card from the tarot deck
-crit: Rolls a critical attack effect.
-fumble: Rolls a critcal fumble effect.
-calculate: Calculates a mathematical expression
-roll: Rolls some dice using common dice notation.
-inline: Executes an inline roll

-checkprefix: Returns the server prefix
-setprefix: Sets the server prefix
-setedition: Sets the server's edition
-checkedition: Returns the server's default edition

-about: Who am I
-help: Provides commands descriptions.

SRD search commands. Available commands are -items, -spells, -feats, -monsters/-bestiary You can also append pf, sf, 5e, 3e to the name to bypass the default edition, e.g. -monsters5e. If results are not showing up, make sure I have the Embed Links permission.

Save common rolls as a personal macro. Use -help macros for usage examples. Commands are -addmacro, -macro, -rawmacro, -editmacro, -delmacro, -listmacros

Similar to macros but can be used by anyone on the same server. Only the author and server managers can edit or remove tags. Commands are -addtag, -tag, -edittag, -deltag, -listtags

Reusable snippets. Can be called from macros and rolls. Use -help script for usage examples. Commands are -addscript, -script, -rawscript, -editscript, -delscript, -listscripts

Tip: Use -help commandname for more a more indepth description on individual tags.

Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of Dash Delta by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
Command Description

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