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Divination Bot - see ?help

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Default Prefix: ?
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?tarot -
?astrology -
?astromeme -
... -
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As soon as you invite AsterieBot to your channel, it will send the following message:
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AsterieBot BOT today at 4:20 PM

If you have any questions, suggestions, or wish to know more - please join my support server
If you wish to invite me to another server, use this link.
If you like the bot - please consider supporting me by voting on or buy me a coffee!

AsterieBot's Introduction
Hello My Server! I'm AsterieBot, a divination-focused bot providing in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand - plus horoscopes, 8-Balls, tarot/astrology memes, & more!

1. View my full command list by typing ?help in chat
2. My tarot decks can be found by typing: ?tarot list - or draw a random one with ?tarot rand
3. You may change my command prefix with ?changeprefix (note, you need the 'manage server' permission to change the prefix). If you forget my prefix, use @AsterieBot prefix
4. By default, tarot and rune pulls contain detailed embeds. You can turn these off in particular channels with with embedset, e.g ?tarot embedset noembed [#channelname] - this is recommended for general chat channels
5. If you wish to ban particular decks, use ?deckban server [deck_name]

Required Permissions
embed links, attach files, read/send messages, add reactions, manage messages

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AsterieBot's current status is online
Last checked (2021-09-22 06:15:04 UTC)

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