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This message is shown by Better Tickets when the help command is sent to a channel:
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Better Tickets BOT today at 4:20 PM
All available Commands

Legend: [] = needed | <> = optional | ◼ = empty to remove
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*-dash * ║ Link to the dashboard to configure the bot


-new <Subject> ║ Creates a new Ticket
-close <Reason> ║ Closes a ticket
*-transcript * ║ Send a transcript of the current conversation to the user

‎ **__TICKET MODERATION COMMANDS__ Inside tickets**

-add [@User / ID] ║ Adds a user to a ticket
-remove [@User / ID] ║ Removes a user from a ticket
-owner [@User / ID] ║ Set the owner of the ticket
-rename [Name] ║ Changes the name of the current ticket
-claim * ║ Claims the ticket
-autoClose <Number>
║ Sets the (new) ticket auto close timer which will close the ticket according to [Number] hours after the last message was sent in this ticket. No argument to remove a current existing timer


-blacklist [@User / ID] ║ (Un)blacklists a user for creating tickets
-blacklists * ║ Get a list of all blacklisted users
-ticket [@User / ID]
║ Overview of all tickets of the user
-ticket [@User / ID] [Ticket id] ║ Receive the transcript
-closeAll <@Channels> ║ Closes all opened tickets. If an argument is provided only the mentioned tickets will be closed


-autoSetup * ║ An automatic setup of the bot (Recommended)
-prefix [Prefix] ║ Set a custom prefix
-devmode [#Channel / ID]
║ Sends messages with information for other bot developer to a channel ◼
-modRole [@Role / ID] ║ Set the mod role for ticket moderation ◼
-adminRole [@Role / ID] ║ Set the admin role to configure the bot ◼
-maxTickets [Number] ║ Sets the maximum amount of tickets one user can create
-restrictClose <@Role / ID> ║ Only ticket moderators or higher can close tickets. If a role is given the role will be mentioned that the user wants to close the ticket ◼

‎ **Ticket System**

*-systemInfo * ║ Shows all systems with their configurations

‎ **Ticket panel**

-ticketPanel [PanelID] ║ An alternative to creating tickets with a command. Uses reactions on a message. This command prints the ticket panel.
If you dont have a ticket panel yet created, visit the dashboard and create one.
*-panelInfo * ║ Shows all ticket panels with their configurations


**How to get started?**

  1. Use the autosetup command -autoSetup.

  2. Or visit the dashboard to configure everything how you like it.
    In case you want to customize it on your needs or want to create a ticket panel(Creating a ticket via reactions), the dashboard is the configuration panel of this bot

  3. In any case have a look at the docs where everything is explained


Better Tickets 2.6.1 | Domme#8899 | All commands are case insensitive
Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of Better Tickets by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
-setCategory -
-autoSetup -
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