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Default Prefix: rt.
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As soon as you invite RogueTickets to your channel, it will send the following message:
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RogueTickets BOT today at 4:20 PM
My Prefix is `rt.`.

Hi! Thanks for inviting me to the Guild! By default, I'm almost set up for basic use all you need to do is to make tickets openable.
you can do this by typing rt.setopenable true but you must have either Administrator, or Manage_Guild permissions!.
However, for more advanced use, please look at any of the Guild Administrative commands below me! For the rest of my commands, type!

Essential Administration

rt.SetAdminRole <@Role | RoleName | RoleID> >> Change the Admin Role.
rt.Blacklist <@User | UserID | Username#Discrim> >> Blacklist a user from making tickets.
rt.SetOpenable <True | False> >> Enables/Disables ticket creation.
rt.SetSupportChannel <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID> >> Locks ticket creation to a channel.
rt.SetSupportRole <@Role | RoleName | RoleID> >> Change the Support Role.
rt.SetTicketCategory <Category Name | CategoryID> >> Set the Category where Tickets are sent to.
rt.SetTicketLogs <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID> >> Changes the Ticket logs channel.
rt.UnBlacklist <@User | UserID | Username#Discrim> >> Unblacklist a user from making tickets.

Optional Administration

rt.CheckBlacklist * >> Check who's blacklisted.
rt.SetCooldown <Time in minutes> >> Changes the Ticket Cooldown (Default 5 minutes).
rt.SetGuildLimit <Amount of Tickets>
>> Sets the maximum amount of open tickets allowed in the guild.
rt.SetPrefix <Prefix> >> Changes the Guild Prefix (Default rt.).
rt.Settings >> Displays Guild Settings.
rt.SetSuccessMessage <Message> >> Change the Success Message for ticket creation.

(Variables: %ticketname% - Tags the channel (Only clickable by those with viewing access
%author% - Tags the Ticket Author (No mentions inside an embed)
rt.SetTicketMessage <Message> >> Change the Message sent inside Tickets.
rt.SetTranscriptLogs <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID> >> Sets the channel where Transcripts are sent to.
rt.SetUserLimit <Amount of Tickets> >> Sets the maximum amount of open tickets one user can have open.

When inviting RogueTickets to a new server, it will send you this private message:
RogueTickets avatar
RogueTickets BOT today at 4:20 PM
Type <command> for more information on a command. < > = Required. [ ] = Optional. | = Or.
Essential Administration

rt.SetAdminRole <@Role | RoleName | RoleID>
rt.Blacklist <@User | UserID | Username#Discrim>
rt.SetOpenable <True | False>
rt.SetSupportChannel <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID>
rt.SetSupportRole <@Role | RoleName | RoleID>
rt.SetTicketCategory <Category Name | CategoryID>
rt.SetTicketLogs <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID>
rt.UnBlacklist <@User | UserID | Username#Discrim>

Optional Administration

rt.SetCooldown <Time in minutes>
rt.SetGuildLimit <Amount of Tickets>
rt.SetPrefix <Prefix>
rt.SetSuccessMessage <Message>
rt.SetTicketMessage <Message>
rt.SetTranscriptLogs <#Channel | ChannelName | ChannelID>
rt.SetUserLimit <Amount of Tickets>

General Commands

rt.Help [command]

Support Commands

rt.Add <@User | User ID | Username#Discrim>
rt.ForceClose [reason]
rt.Remove <@User | User ID | Username#Discrim>

Ticket Commands

rt.Close [reason]
rt.New [Subject]


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RogueTickets's current status is online
Last checked (2023-02-26 16:35:22 UTC)

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