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Chocolat BOT today at 4:20 PM

chocoHappy Emoji Holii~ Mi nombre es Chocolat. Este es el listado de mis comandos, si tienes algún problema o duda sin resolver, puedes visitar el servidor de soporte: Chocolat servidor.


anime manga osu pokedex weather wiki


addcolores approve config deny disable enable ignorechannel maybe setautorole setconfessions setleave setleavechannel setlogs setmodrole setmuterole setprefix setreports setsuggestions setwarns setwelcome setwelcomechannel


8ball achievement ascii bigtext cat choose coinflip confession horoscope husbando license love machievement meme nekogirl note ranime rate reverse roll rps trash triggered trump waifu


about botinfo bugreport donate help invite nodmhelp release support vote


baka bite bye cheeks claps cook cookie cuddle dance feed handholding hi highfive hug kickbutts kill kiss laugh lick pat poke punch run scared slap sleep splash spray tickle tsundere


addrole ban cleanwarns createrole deleterole editembed editsay hackban kick lock mute nickname purge removerole sdm softban tempmute unban unlock unmute unwarn warn warnings


Solamente podrás ver los comandos de esta categoría si usas el comando en un canal NSFW.


angry banghead blush boom bored confused cry dab die discouraged disgust facepalm fbi game happy jpose lewd like nope pout shrug sing sip smug think vomit


avatar botinvite calc channelinfo esay hexcolor jumbo morse question randomuser reportuser roleinfo say servericon serverinfo shortlink suggest translate userinfo

Si necesitas información detallada de un comando: ch!help [comando]

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