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As soon as you invite DokiBot to your channel, it will send the following message:
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DokiBot BOT today at 4:20 PM

Square up! Your true love has joined the server. Here are a few helpful tips for using me! natsuki Emoji


Welcome to the Club!

  • [1] You may not want me posting in this channel. Use `-setchannel [channel]' to set the default channel for me to post insults, etc.

  • [2] Random insults are disabled by default. Use `-toggle' to turn them on. They may not be appropriate for all club members, so enable them at your own discretion.

  • [3] You can make a channel called `doki-poems' where I can create my poems for you.

  • [4] Use `-help' to see more commands. Best of luck, dummies!

When inviting DokiBot to a new server, it will send you this private message:
DokiBot avatar
DokiBot BOT today at 4:20 PM

✨ DokiBot Help ✨


:pencil: Formatting Tips

<argument>: You need to include these
[argument]: These are optional

(Do not include the brackets in commands)


📜 Poems

-end: Ends a current poem*
-frequency <time>: Changes the frequency DokiBot grabs words*


😈 Insults

-submit <insult>: Submits an insult to DokiBot; include %user% where you want DokiBot to mention someone
-toggle: Turns off/on random insults*


:regional_indicator_a: :regional_indicator_l: Anilist

-anime <anime>: Finds info on an anime
-aniuser <username>: Finds info on an anilist user
-character <character>: Finds info on an anime/manga character
-manga <manga>: Finds info on a manga


🎉 Fun

-moniquote: Posts a random Monika quote from the end of DDLC


:frame_photo: Images

-doki [tags]: Posts an image of a doki
-neko [tags]: Posts an image of a beautiful neko girl
-waifu [tags]: Posts an image of a random waifu


🔉 Sounds

-nep [character]: Plays a soundclip from Hyperdimension Neptunia



-play <number>: Plays a track from the DDLC OST #1-15
-playall: Queues all tracks from the DDLC OST
-list: Lists all songs from the DDLC OST and their numbers
-stop: Stops the current song and clears the queue
-pause: Pauses the current song
-resume: Resumes a paused song
-skip: Skips the current song
-queue: Displays the song queue
-clear: Wipes the entire queue


⚙️ Miscellaneous

-help [command]: Lists all commands or info about a specific command
-setchannel [channel]: Changes the channel DokiBot will post insults and other messages to*
-prefix <new prefix>: Changes the prefix used for DokiBot commands*
-vote: Posts a voting link for DokiBot; voting resets cooldowns


*Needs "Manage Server" Permission

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Last checked (2024-04-17 02:15:04 UTC)

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