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Default Prefix: f.
Command Description
f.ai -
f.hug -
f.party -
... -
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Welcome Message Preview

When inviting Floof.ai to a new server, it will send you this private message:
Floof.ai avatar
Floof.ai BOT today at 4:20 PM

discord The invite link to Floof.ai's home server: Church of Ralsei!
donate Donation links and instructions if you want to support Floof.ai!
gitlab A link to Floof.ai's Gitlab repository!
checker A link to Checker Dance on YouTube.
dontforget A link to Don't Forget on YouTube
fohad A link to Fields of Hopes and Dreams on YouTube
king A link to Chaos King on YouTube.
lancertheme A link to Lancer's Overworld Theme on YouTube
rudebuster A link to Rude Buster on YouTube.
twr A link to The World Revolving on YouTube.
bakecake Floof.ai will bake you a nice cake!
flirt Floof.ai will cutely try to flirt with you!
friends Floof.ai just wants to be friends!
goodmorning Floof.ai Tells You Good Morning
goodnight Floof.ai Tells You Good Night
honey Floof.ai calls you honey!
hug Floof.ai gives a great big hug!
lewd No lewding the floof!
love Floof.ai loves all!
lullaby A link to Ralsei's lullaby on YouTube.
magic Show Floof.ai magic!
moneyhug Floof.ai doesn't need money to want to hug you
owo What's this?
party Start a hug party! Woo!
pat Pat pat the Floof.ai
police Floof.ai becomes the police!
ruffle Ruffle Floof.ai's floof
tail No lewding of the floof!
welcome Floof.ai says welcome!
beep Do a beep
blep Do a blep
boop Do a boop
chaos Jevil does a nice dance.
defaultdance Floof.ai does the cursed Fortnite dance.
despacito A command only for true meme lords.
egg 🥚
respect F
calc Floof.ai does a math
invite Floof.ai's invite link so you can add him to your own server!
ping Ping the bot!
remember Remember a thing
roll Roll dice in XdY(+Z) form

Bot Status

Floof.ai's current status is offline
Last checked (2023-02-26 16:35:22 UTC)

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