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Currently we have help message previews, 27 bot commands and 0 slash commands for Mantaro Discord bot.

Help Command Preview

This message is shown by Mantaro when the help command is sent to a channel:
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Mantaro BOT today at 4:20 PM

Full command list. For a detailed guide, please check our wiki.
Remember you can get more information on a command using ~>help <name of command>
We need your help to keep Mantaro online! Click here for more info.

Audio Commands:

forceplay forceskip forward lyrics move np ns pause play playnow queue removetrack repeat repeatqueue restartsong rewind shuffle skip stop volume

Action Commands:

bite bloodsuck blush cuddle facedesk highfive holdhands hug kiss lewd lick meow nom nuzzle pat poke pout slap smile stare teehee tickle tsundere

Currency Commands:

badges balance buy cast chop daily dailycrate divorce dump equip fish gamble inventory iteminfo itemtransfer leaderboard level loot market marry mine opencrate pet profile rep repair salvage sell slots tools transfer unequip useitem waifu

Games Commands:

game trivia

Image Commands:

cat catgirl danbooru dog e621 e926 gelbooru konachan rule34 safebooru yandere

Fun Commands:

8ball anime character coinflip love ratewaifu roll

Moderation Commands:

ban kick mute opts prune softban unmute

Info Commands:

avatar donate help info invite lang music ping prefix roleinfo season serverinfo shard shardinfo stats support userinfo vipstatus

Utility Commands:

activatekey birthday createpoll custom iam iamnot remindme time urban wiki

Thanks for using Mantaro ❤️ (Total Commands: 146)
Additional Links
You can always get more help on the command list of Mantaro by visiting their support server or their website:
Command Description
~&gt;help -
~&gt;lang -
~&gt;profile -
~&gt;bal -
~&gt;pet -
~&gt;greet -
~&gt;pat -
~&gt;poke -
~&gt;slap -
~&gt;kiss -
~&gt;hug -
~&gt;play -
~&gt;queue -
~&gt;np -
~&gt;forceplay -
~&gt;game -
~&gt;trivia -
~&gt;custom -
~&gt;konachan -
~&gt;yandere -
~&gt;birthday -
~&gt;opts -
~&gt;mute -
~&gt;ban -
~&gt;kick -
~&gt;urban -
~&gt;prefix -
Command Description

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