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When inviting Senpai to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Senpai BOT today at 4:20 PM

Animal Commands:

%bird → Shows a random bird
%cat → Shows a random cat
%dog → Shows a random dog
%duck → Shows a random duck
%fox → Shows a random fox
%lizard → Shows a random lizard

Economy Commands:

%balance → Shows your current money or of someone else!
%coinflip → a 50/50 chance to double your bet, go big or go home!
%daily → Gives you currency on a daily base, 24h cooldown
%give → give another user some of your money
%leaderboard → Global leaderboard for the top 10 users with most ¥
%roll → Rolls a dice
%serverboard → local leaderboard for members amount of ¥ of this server
%slots → play slots with economy!

Fun Commands:

%8ball → Answers a yes/no question
%achievement → Creates a personal achievement from minecraft
%ascii → Generates Ascii Art out of your text
%discord_memes → DISCORD MEMES!
%trapcard → Turn the tables with your ultimate Yu-Gi-Oh trap card!
%weather → Shows a picture with the weather of the city you requested.
%xkdc → Get a random or the daily comic from XKCD

Games Commands:

%trivia → answer a trivia question to get some ¥

Memes Commands:

%meme → Shows meme images from reddit.

Moderation Commands:

%reason → Adds a reason to a mod case without a reason.

Anime Commands:

%anime → Shows a random lizard
%awoo → Awooo!
%bang → Shots fired
%banghead → Bang yea!
%baka → b-baka!
%bite → Bite someone or get bitten
%clagwimoth → What?
%cry → Start Ctying or cry on someones shoulder
%cuddle → Cuddle someone or get cuddled
%dab → Dab on the haters
%dance → Want to dance?
%delet_this → Delet This
%deredere → Deredere!
%greet → Greet someone or get greeted
%handholding → Hold someones hand or hold my hand
%highfive → Give or get high five

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Senpai's current status is online
Last checked (2022-01-11 23:20:04 UTC)

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Broken Since 01-11-22
written by Zela (2022-03-25 06:47:19 UTC)

Rating is for back when this bot worked. Site states the bot is online, it is not. The last checked, 2+ months ago as of now, is when it went down. Please update the the status.

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