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When inviting Ser Aymeric to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Ser Aymeric BOT today at 4:20 PM

Thank you for inviting me! I will do my absolute best to help make your Discord better than ever & make your job of running it easier than ever!

Many of my features are already enabled & your members can start enjoying them right away! However, others are opt-in and so to take full advantage of everything I have to offer you will need to log in to my website & customise me on your Discord's manage page. Some things you might like to set up are:

• Enable/ disable any commands, or restrict their usage to certain channels or roles see here
• Create recurring and automated events for your members to enjoy. see here
• Create an automated giveaway for your members with the ?giveaway command
• Add custom commands with self-assignable roles
• Set-up auto-moderator, and some audit logging channels to help you moderate your server
• Add some streamers
• Subscribe to Reddit or Twitter feeds
• Chat to earn some experience points, level-up, receive role rewards and show off your ?profile

Privacy & Security

Your privacy is super important to us and we want to assure you that Ser Aymeric goes above and beyond to take care of this. You can find our more information on our privacy policy. We're extremely proud to be able to say that Ser Aymeric has been officially verified by Discord and in addition, has passed an audit by Discord that was requested on the 25th of June 2020. You may also like to aquaint yourself with Discord's permissions system to give you confidence that your server is secure.

Your Discord's Home

Your home page is accessible by every member of your Discord & is where you can view chat leaderboards, streamers, quotes and more.

Changing the Command Prefix

?setprefix {prefix}

Getting Help

Please visit our knowledge center and FAQ for detailed information to get you started. You can also use our in-Discord help function:

?help {module}
?help {command}

Ser Aymeric Premium

The majority of my features are free to use, however to help cover the costs of my development & maintenance I offer some premium features including music streaming, reaction roles, an embed creator & detailed insights in graph form about the activity & growth of your server over time. Check out our premium page for more information. Transactions handled securely by Stripe.


• Come say hi & hang out in my Discord
• Follow me on Twitter for the latest news & updates

Thank you for reading! We sincerely hope you enjoy using Ser Aymeric 💜

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