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When inviting TruckyBot to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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TruckyBot BOT today at 4:20 PM

Admin Commands:
= General =
.conf :: Define per-guild settings. Here you can disable commands by adding commands to disabledCommands

General Commands:
= Chat Bot Info =
.help :: Display help for a command.
.stats :: Provides some details about the bot and stats.

= User Settings =
.userconf :: Define per-user settings.

Information Commands:
= General =
.info :: Show Trucky mobile app download links, Trucky Discord server invite and issue tracker
.invite :: Displays the invite link of the bot, to invite it to your guild.
.ping :: Runs a connection test to Discord and Trucky.
.pubevent :: Show next official Trucky Event informations
.truckyevent :: Show next official Trucky Event informations

Premium Commands:
= General =
.premium :: TruckyBot offers a premium plan starting from 5 € per month enabling special features like permanent radio streaming avoiding the bot to leave the channel when anyone is listening. Send .premium subscribe to start onboarding process.

Radio Commands:
= General =
.leave :: Stops the music and leave the channel
.np :: Show detail of the currently playing radio station
.radio :: Connect the bot to a voice channel and starts selected radio streaming.

System Commands:
= General =
.lang :: Change the bot language
.prefix :: Change the bot prefix

VTC Commands:
= General =
.apply :: Apply to a TruckyBot VTC
.vtc :: Manage your VTC with TruckyBot!

Bot Status

TruckyBot's current status is online
Last checked (2024-04-17 01:55:03 UTC)

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