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With eM Client, you'll be able to bring together all your most important tasks, calendars, instant messages, and emails into a single sleek app. Since the software is designed to easily integrate with your existing workflow, it produces little change in your daily life beyond making it simpler.
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26 Best Alternatives to eM Client

Thunderbird icon


Thunderbird is a free, open source e-mail client from Mozilla, the makers of the popular web browser Firefox. It comes with a number of powerful features to manage your e-mail accounts and messages.
Mailbird icon


Email made easy and beautiful. Manage multiple accounts with the best email client for Windows. Download the #1 mail client program free Now.‎Features - ‎Why Choose Mailbird?
Wrike icon


Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier.
Inbox by Gmail icon

Inbox by Gmail

Gmail is available across all your devices Android, iOS, and desktop devices. Sort, collaborate or call a friend without leaving your inbox.
Opera Mail icon

Opera Mail

Opera is a secure, innovative browser used by millions around the world with a built-in ad blocker, free VPN, units converter, social messengers, battery saver and much more - all for your best browsing experience.
Postbox icon


Postbox is an email client that combines all of your email accounts into one program for use on your Mac or PC desktop. The software gives you access to both IMAP and POP email accounts, along with your RSS feeds.
Apple Mail icon

Apple Mail

macOS Mojave brings new features inspired by its most powerful users, but designed for everyone to the Mac.
Evolution icon


Evolution is the official personal information manager for the GNOME Project, serving as a robust scheduling and management tool for individuals using a wide range of Linux distributions.
EssentialPIM icon


EssentialPIM is a free Personal Information Manager that keeps up with the times and lets you manage appointments, tasks, notes, contacts, password entries and email messages across multiple devices and cloud applications.
Nylas Mail icon

Nylas Mail

:love_letter: An extensible desktop mail app built on the modern web. Forks welcome!
Windows Live Mail icon

Windows Live Mail

Windows Live Mail is a piece of email software that is completely free. It was originally developed by Microsoft as part of their Windows Essentials 2012 software series.
Inky icon


Inky is a software program that roots our phishing emails to better your cybersecurity. Phishing is the process by which cybercriminals copy the majority of a legitimate email, but outfit it with an attachment that leads to a site that makes you more vulnerable to hackers, exposing your personal, and oftentimes financial, information.
Airmail icon


Airmail - Lightning Fast Mail Client for Mac and iPhone.
Campaign Monitor icon

Campaign Monitor

Campaign Monitor gives you all the tools you need to effectively reach clients for your professional marketing campaigns.
Mailgun icon


Mailgun is a service that helps you make sure your transactional mail makes its way directly into the inboxes of your clients.
Microsoft Outlook icon

Microsoft Outlook

Microsoft Outlook is a popular information manager that is included in the Microsoft Office suite that can help you keep your email, calendar, contacts, and more all in one place.
Zimbra icon


100s of millions of people rely on Zimbra and enjoy enterprise-class open source email collaboration at the lowest TCO in the industry. Discover the benefits!
Mailspring icon


Mailspring: The open-source, extensible email app for Mac, Linux, and Windows with open tracking, link click tracking, contacts enrichment data and more.
SimplyBook.me icon


Free appointment scheduling software by SimplyBook.me with an online booking system for websites, facebook and calendar scheduling app.
Mailjet icon


Streamline your emailing and boost your sales with Mailjet. We serve all your email and SMS needs with one simple and powerful service.
Appointment Reminder icon

Appointment Reminder

From $19 a month. Highly configurable Appointment Reminder System, send SMS, Text, Email and Voice Reminders they way you want to. Used by over 1000+ businesses from Owner Operators to Large HIPAA compliant corporations.
Mozilla Thunderbird icon

Mozilla Thunderbird

Thunderbird is a free email application that’s easy to set up and customize - and it’s loaded with great features!
Synchroteam icon


Synchroteam cloud-based field service management solution optimizes costs, dispatching, scheduling and reporting.

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Pros of eM Client

Highly Customizable
Vast Integrations

Cons of eM Client

Limited Customer Support

eM Client Icon Features of eM Client

Communication Integration
Workflow Integration

eM Client Reviews

by grex about eM Client on March 2, 2018:
There are a lot of clients out there that do what eM Client does, but eM Client does almost all of those things better than the competition and at a more competitive cost point. The purpose of the software is to bring together all your most pertinent communication portals so you can access anything from any client at any time. This helps ensure you never miss a thing during your daily workflow.

When you decide to switch to eM Client, it takes no time to set up the software. With easy importing, you'll be able to transfer everything over from your existing client, no matter which client that is. The system also backs up all your communications, so staying secure has never been easier. The user interface for the software is second to none, and it is designed to promote productivity and efficiency by streamlining the communications process.

Not only will eM Client manage your communications, but it can keep track of upcoming events, tasks, and your entire contact list. You can chat with friends directly through the software even if those friends are using Google or Facebook. You'll never be out of touch since it has an integrated search function, and the sidebar gives you a preview of the most pertinent tasks, message threads, and contacts that require follow-ups. If you don't particularly like the default theme of the software, there are several others you can select that might better fit your personality.

The free version of eM Client is identical in functionality to the paid version, but the free version only allows a certain number of supported accounts. With the full version, you get the style, utility, and various features of the free version along with unlimited account support.

Software like eM Client can easily boost production simply because it stops the staff from having to pay attention to menial tasks that can be easily automated or handled electronically. By creating a singular communications hub for every network in which a staff member might need to operate, eM Client cuts down on a lot of the tedium that goes along with the process of communication.

All you have to do in order to set up eM Client is feed it your existing email information, and it will fetch all the rest of your data from those locations. Not only will it fetch the data, but it will automatically organize it as well. There are some instances where third-party clients that use two-step authentication have had issues with eM Client, but those are rare.
by a user (e-mail not public) about eM Client on March 18, 2019:
I've been using the paid version of EM Mail for over 2 years now but finally gave up on EM Mail.

I got tired of the overall sluggishness of this email client. It is slow at loading and the "folders updating" display sits there for an eternity at times. I also have constant "connection error" messages with my Google business email account. Annoying popups...just tired of it. Also, there are very few updates (if any) through out the year which tells me that either the developers think that they have perfected their product or they have given up on it.

For a paid app that is relatively expensive I expect more. I downloaded and tried the free Mailspring client and wondered why I ever put up with EM for so long...not to mention paid for it !

Come on guys if you want to compete with the free email clients out there put a bit more effort into your product.
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