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GroupMap is a software program that allows you to harness group creativity and the power of collaboration through group brainstorming. In order to join a "map" all you have to do is enter the map code into the search bar on the programs main website... read more.
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14 Best Alternatives to GroupMap

yEd Graph Editor icon

yEd Graph Editor

yEd is a desktop application designed to efficiently and easily create quality diagrams. Users are able to create diagrams manually as well as import outside data sets for easy analysis.
FreeMind icon


FreeMind is an interesting piece of software that was designed to work as a creator for mind maps. It can also be used to edit directory trees, HTML/XML documents, and existing mind maps.
XMind icon


Everyone from creatives to business professionals can use XMind to supercharge their creative process and create a meaningful but flexible structure to their brainstorming sessions.
MindMeister icon


Create, share and collaboratively work on mind maps with MindMeister, the leading online mind mapping software. Includes apps for iPhone, iPad and Android.
TheBrain icon


TheBrain visualizes networks of knowledge like you've never seen before. As you shift focus from topic to topic, TheBrain moves right along with you, showing your information and all the connections you've made.
Docear icon


Docear is software that allows users to manage academic literature. The software was developed by Jöran Beel, Stefan Langer, Marcel Genzmehr and Bela Gipp in Magdeburg, Germany.
MindManager icon


MindManager is a mind-mapping software for brainstorming, planning, managing and sharing ideas for projects. The software is easily integrated with Microsoft Office tools, and makes it easy to complete projects in a collaborative fashion.
Mindmup icon


Free online mind mapping. The most productive online mind map canvas on the Web. Supports Freemind mindmap import/export. Easy mindmapping software.
Coggle icon


Coggle is a collaborative mind-mapping tool that helps you make sense of complex things. Create unlimited mind maps and easily share them with friends and colleagues.
Front icon


Front is a collaborative email platform that allows a team of professionals to work together in the same digital communication system no matter where they are in the physical world.
Mohiomap icon


Integrated with popular platforms, Dropbox, Box, Evernote, & GoogleDrive, Mohiomap uncovers valuable patterns and relationships among docs, files & teams.
Fingertip icon


Fingertip is the best business management app to streamline your decision making. Make your decisions visible, measurable and manageable with Fingertip!
Projectplace icon


Empower your team to create plans, organize work, and track personal tasks. All in one place.
Jell icon


Daily online standups to unite teams, make projects and progress visible and reach goals faster—all in minutes a day.

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GroupMap Icon More About GroupMap

GroupMap is a software program that allows you to harness group creativity and the power of collaboration through group brainstorming. In order to join a "map" all you have to do is enter the map code into the search bar on the programs main website. Once you have joined your map, GroupMap allows for high levels of customization, so every group can have a unique experience with GroupMap. Businesses especially can benefit from the collective creativity that is harnessed by GroupMap as the ideas that they put together in their maps often lead to changes that bring about better profits for businesses.

Pros of GroupMap

GroupMap allows you to bring people together to harness new ideas from large groups of people. The software works great for businesses who can profit from these ideas.
Because GroupMap does everything on a digital platform, people who would normally be shy or quiet in brainstorming sessions can fully shine and make their voices and ideas heard, adding new thoughts and ideas to the mix.
GroupMap has several helpful features that allow you to do things like sort through the ideas presented or like or dislike them, so you can have high levels of collaboration at all times.

Cons of GroupMap

There are already some sites that do jobs similar to that of GroupMap. Because there are already programs like it available, it is possible that you could run into an alternative that you like more down the road.
GroupMap only allows you to work in preset groups, which works for projects handed out to teams, but does not give workers a direct line to feed their ideas to the boss.
While there are several features that add to the brainstorming experience like liking ideas or sorting them, there are many features that could help you that are missing entirely.

GroupMap Icon Features of GroupMap

GroupMap works by letting you create maps, which are essentially digital chalkboards which all of the group members can use to throw out new ideas.
This allows you to tap into your business's collective creativity.
GroupMap has several features that make the brainstorming experience better overall.
These features include like and dislike options, the ability to sort through your ideas, rate ideas, and vote on ideas
Once you have completed your brainstorming on GroupMap, you can easily use the site to share our results with others in your company.

GroupMap Reviews

by grex about GroupMap on March 2, 2018:
GroupMap is one of the best software programs for businesses to use to harness the power of their collective creativity. When you bring teams together using GroupMap, you open them up to greater levels of collaboration. People who would normally be quiet and keep their ideas to themselves can feel free to use the electronic medium to express their ideas more clearly. Similarly, people who throw out ideas all the time can have their ideas bettered with the help of their quieter counterparts. The digital nature of the program allows you to pull ideas out of people who would otherwise be more hesitant to share them. GroupMap also has several features that set it apart from other brainstorming software programs. For example, you can vote on ideas together, rate different ideas or comments, like or dislike ideas, and easily sort out ideas so that you can have maximum collaboration.
Feel free to submit your own opinion on GroupMap!

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