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Sketch is an artistic suite of digital tools that works as an alternative to other mainstream art suites like Photoshop. Some might find it hard to believe that this tool can match or even exceed the utility of Photoshop, but the software is exceptionally useful for a number of reasons and activities that make it at least on par with Photoshop.
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27 Best Alternatives to Sketch

Adobe Photoshop icon

Adobe Photoshop

Adobe Photoshop is undeniably the industry standard when it comes to graphic design and photo manipulation. The software has been on the market since 1990 after originally being created in 1988 and has a rich history of quality, stability and support.
Inkscape icon


Inkscape is a free open source software package for creating and manipulating vector graphics, and it can be seen as an alternative to Adobe Illustrator for those on a budget. icon
Free is a piece of artistic development software that helps streamline the process of creating readable flowcharts and diagrams. While the software is technically an art package, it's primarily used as a tool to improve the efficiency of internal communications by allowing business personnel to share easily-understandable visual data.
Lucidchart icon


Lucidchart is your solution for visual communication and cross-platform collaboration. Create professional flowcharts, process maps, UML models, org charts, and ER diagrams using our templates or import feature.
Adobe Illustrator CC icon

Adobe Illustrator CC

Create logos, icons, sketches, typography and other vector art with Adobe Illustrator.
yEd Graph Editor icon

yEd Graph Editor

yEd is a desktop application designed to efficiently and easily create quality diagrams. Users are able to create diagrams manually as well as import outside data sets for easy analysis.
OmniGraffle icon


OmniGraffle is a premium mobile app designed to help you create beautiful visual diagrams, sketches, and other designs. It has enough power to meet the needs of professional designers, but it is intuitive enough for beginners to fully utilize.
Adobe Fireworks icon

Adobe Fireworks

Adobe Fireworks is a powerful editing software designed to simplify creating graphics for websites and apps. Fireworks allows you to create powerful graphics without having to spend months studying graphic design.
Figma icon


Figma is the first interface design tool with real-time collaboration. It keeps everyone on the same page. Focus on the work instead of fighting your tools.
Cacoo icon


Cacoo is a flowchart design program that is available online. It includes collaboration features that allow users on different computers to work simultaneously on the same flowchart.
Creately icon


Easily draw diagrams online using Creately’s online diagramming tool.
Gliffy icon


Gliffy is a diagramming software for creating flow charts, organizational charts, network schemas, and other two-dimensional diagrams. You can start creating diagrams by using one of the existing templates or themes, or customize your own diagram by dragging and dropping shapes and other elements onto the interface.
Autodesk Graphic icon

Autodesk Graphic

Powerful feature-packed vector drawing and illustration application designed specifically for Mac and iOS.
SmartDraw icon


SmartDraw is a tool that allows the user to draw graphs and diagrams and then import and export them as need. SmartDraw is able to run on the Windows desktop, Mac, and offers an online option.
Vectr icon


Free vector graphics editor. A simple yet powerful web and desktop cross-platform tool for everyone.
Serif Drawplus icon

Serif Drawplus

Visit the Affinity website. DrawPlus X8. Download Now $24. 99. DrawPlus is now a legacy Serif product.
ProtoPie icon


Piece complex interactions together, build sensor-aided prototypes and share your amazing creations in a matter of minutes. All in the easiest way possible. icon

Bubbl. us is an easy-to-use, online brainstorming software. With Bubbl. us you can create colorful mind maps and share them with others. Click here to view examples of mind maps that were created using Bubbl.
Xara Designer Pro icon

Xara Designer Pro

Discover the only software you need for all your creative work: Powerful illustration and photo editing tools, flexible page layout and unrivalled WYSIWYG web design.
Bloom icon


What is Bloom? Bloom is an end-to-end protocol for identity attestation, risk assessment and credit scoring, entirely on the blockchain. Bloom allows both traditional and digital currency lenders to serve billions of people who currently cannot obtain a bank account or credit score.
Adobe XD icon

Adobe XD

Download Adobe XD free with the starter plan. XD is your UI/UX design solution for designing websites and mobile apps. Design, prototype, and share for free.
Adobe Illustrator icon

Adobe Illustrator

Adobe Illustrator is a full featured software package for creating resolution-independent vector graphics, for both print and the web. You can also use the software to create raster graphics as well.
Mockplus icon


Mockplus is available for free download on Windows & Mac OS and Android & iOS devices. The free trial is feature complete with no expiration date or tied contract included.
Roadmap Planner icon

Roadmap Planner

Bring common sense to your strategic plan, and get winning results with Roadmap Planner. Our productivity tool is available on iOS and macOS.
Space Designer 3D icon

Space Designer 3D

Design online floor plans, place furniture, and visualize the project in 3D real time. No download required.
AutoTrace icon


Currently there is no documentation other than the online help.

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Pros of Sketch

Excellent Artistic Potential

Cons of Sketch

Annoying Bugs

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Sketch Reviews

by grex about Sketch on April 2, 2018:
There are some bugs in this software that make is a bit annoying to work with, but most of them are fairly innocuous in the long run and don't really affect the end results. For instance, if you are adding text to a project, in some cases the text will disappear from the scene while you are actually typing it. Once you've finished typing, the full sentence appears. This is simply a small bug with the real-time rendering process.

In short, the reason why Sketch could even come close to the functionality, or at least the utility, of Photoshop is that it has some features that Photoshop actually doesn't have. For instance, Adobe only recently added some new art boards to Photoshop, but those same features have been in Sketch long enough that the community around the software is already at the development stage for various plugins to use with Sketch. The goal of some of these plugins is to integrate code structures and live data into the Sketch platform.

If you operate a team that performs something that is artistic but doesn't require any photo-editing tools, Sketch is the ideal solution. Since it doesn't have those photo-editing features, it is much easier to use Sketch in the design of user interface modules. For example, Photoshop can not import or open SVG files, and the drag and drop function in that software is fairly unreliable. In essence, you can use Photoshop to perform the same UI design functions as Sketch, but Sketch gives you the power to perform those functions faster and with more efficiency.

Unfortunately, if you have any photo-editing needs that go along with what you need to design a UI, you'll need something like Photoshop. It is highly unlikely that any such tools will be added to the Sketch software any time soon. Many users would love to be able to avoid the new monthly subscription costs associated with Adobe premium software, but it will be some time before the functionality of both Photoshop and Sketch is found in a single app.

In reality, Sketch is only a viable tool as a UI designer because there is no dedicated software suite on the market that does the job. There are several things that a new design tool could use that other tools don't have, like design that is oriented around objects. It would also be nice to see an app with a user interface that matches the coding of the app itself. For now, Sketch is the most viable option for UI design on the market, and with the right tweaks, it could become one of the most notable artistic apps in the world. It might even usurp Photoshop one day.
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