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When inviting Lapibot to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Lapibot BOT today at 4:20 PM

To run a command in My Server, use |command or @Lapibot#9612 command. For example, |prefix or @Lapibot#9612 prefix.
To run a command in this DM, simply use command with no prefix.

Use help <command> to view detailed information about a specific command.
Use help all to view a list of all commands, not just available ones.

Available commands in My Server

First Group
embed: I'll embed any text provided!
reply: Replies with a Message.
hex: Generates a hex code with colour preview.

Gambling and Chance
ball: Answers the provided question.
fortune: Reaveals your fortune. Disclaimer: A lot of these were borrowed from normal-horoscopes on tumblr, although some are original.
revive: Revives the intended user.
roll: Roll some dice and see what you get!
throwknife: Throws a knife at you or the intended user
vibecheck: Checks your vibe.
vine: Venosaur, use Vine Whip!

Mod Commands
mod-dm: I send a message to the intended user.

Image Prompts
animal: Provides an image of an animal.
lapidot: Provides an image of a great ship.

General Maintenance Stuff (Boring)
remove: Removes the indicated role.
invite: Provides a link to add Lapibot to your server and to donate on Patreon.
assign: Assigns the indicated role.

groups: Lists all command groups.
enable: Enables a command or command group.
disable: Disables a command or command group.

help: Displays a list of available commands, or detailed information for a specified command.
prefix: Shows or sets the command prefix.
ping: Checks the bot's ping to the Discord server.

Bot Status

Lapibot's current status is online
Last checked (2022-06-05 23:40:03 UTC)

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