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The software system, nvALT is a system that allows users to collect and store various notes and files in a way that is easily organized and able to be shared... read more.
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10 Best Alternatives to nvALT

Evernote icon


Evernote is an application that allows you to take endless notes and save them across all of your devices with one account. You can sync and save your voice recordings, typed notes, and other files in one convenient place.
Microsoft OneNote icon

Microsoft OneNote

With Microsoft OneNote, you can take advantage of a digital notebook that you can edit in just about any way you please. You can hand-write, type, draw, or clip content from the internet to use as a note, and the canvas of the software is just as flexible as a real sheet of paper in your physical notebook.
Google Keep icon

Google Keep

Google Keep is an innovative note-taking application that can be used across multiple platforms. A note can be auto-saved across a user’s Google account on a PC, Mac, or iOS device.
Visual Studio Code icon

Visual Studio Code

When developing software or a web application, it is absolutely essential to have an editing tool that can support you in establishing proper workflow, optimal organization and also provide a friendly and appealing workspace.
Standard Notes icon

Standard Notes

Standard Notes is a private notes app that features unmatched simplicity, end-to-end encryption, powerful extensions, and open-source applications.
DEVONthink icon


DEVONtechnologies develops DEVONthink, DEVONagent, and other Mac and iOS apps for document and information management and web research.
Unclutter icon


Unclutter is an app that is designed to help Mac users bring order to their desktop. Among other features, this powerful piece of software provides quick access to a user's notepad and clipboard.
Hazel icon


Hazel watches whatever folders you tell it to, automatically organizing your files according to the rules you create. Have Hazel move files around based on name, date, type, what site it came from and much more.
Ulysses III icon

Ulysses III

A pleasant, focused writing experience combined with effective document management, fast syncing and flexible export make Ulysses the first choice for writers of all kinds.

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nvALT Icon More About nvALT

The software system, nvALT is a system that allows users to collect and store various notes and files in a way that is easily organized and able to be shared. This system is used by most businesses as a virtual secretarial system and is often praised for its ease of use. nvALT was developed in 2009 as an offset of the software design company, Notational Velocity. Since its inception, the software system has gone on to be included in the daily business of more than 2000 companies across the United States.
This software was developed by Brett Terpstra as a means of helping businesses with virtual support and data storage. While the software was initially designed to be used by the average computer user, it has become popular in the business world for its simple, yet systematic storage of important information. Although nvALT cannot be used without an internet signal, the information that has already been stored by the software system can be viewed offline. nvALT offers data and analytic recordings that allow customers to measure the impact of the system on their business endeavors.

Pros of nvALT

The application is cost effective.
Application includes handy search feature that is not complicated.
Easily integrates into Mac or Windows operating systems.

Cons of nvALT

Does not compare well to more expensive organizational and note taking applications in terms of storage capacity and overall usability.
Not fully compatible for PC users.
Not compatible with some mobile devices.

nvALT Icon Features of nvALT

Auto pairing documents
Multi Markdown 3 support
Tag organization and search tool
Double bracketed words automatically become links
Multi layout features
Auto integration with other Notational Velocity programs
Source code reader

nvALT Reviews

by grex about nvALT on March 2, 2018:
nvALT software is relatively simple to use and integrate into existing systems. Once purchased, the file is simply downloaded onto the desired computer. After the download has completed, the file should be installed and launched. This software does achieve its stated goal of helping users to store and organize information. nvALT successfully stores all information entered into the program in a single database. All information is automatically saved until a user decides to delete it. This software has a built in system that allows users to find information without a search engine. Instead, the user can type out any words that were included in the recorded data and the software system will immediately show the documents that contain those words.

The instructions included with the purchase of nvALT are fairly simple to understand, so professional installation is certainly not required. nvALT is also easily integrated into existing platforms and can merge seamlessly with any Notational Velocity programs. This software can be obtained as an application for free in the Apple and Android stores or purchased for a small fee on a desktop. Because it is inexpensive, many small business owners and single person businesses enjoy its use. This software provides a large amount of value for little cost. For help and support, nvALT customer service representatives are available during regular business hours, Monday through Friday. nvALT is updated regularly for bug resolutions and maintenance. It is not customizable, however, and must be used according to specific perimeters.
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