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Evernote is an application that allows you to take endless notes and save them across all of your devices with one account. You can sync and save your voice recordings, typed notes, and other files in one convenient place. Notes can be kept safe and secure wherever you go in the Evernote cloud.

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Alternatives to Evernote

  1. SeaTable alternatives



    With SeaTable, teams can easily organize their tasks, assets, projects and ideas. It looks like Excel, but its not limited by text and numbers. SeaTable brings structure to any type of information,...

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  2. NoteLedge alternatives



    NoteLedge is the most intuitive notebook for creatives to capture inspirations, get creative and express all your amazing ideas.

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  3. Google Drive alternatives

    Google Drive


    Google Drive lets anyone with a Google account store up to 15GB worth of files in the Cloud. Users can upload documents, photos, and more to a personal drive that is free to use. Google Drive also ...

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  4. Pocket alternatives



    Read, share, and save stories that you find on the internet so that you can enjoy them later or so that other people can enjoy them.

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  5. Microsoft OneNote alternatives

    With Microsoft OneNote, you can take advantage of a digital notebook that you can edit in just about any way you please. You can hand-write, type, draw, or clip content from the internet to use as...

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  6. Trello alternatives



    Trello is a productivity app with a strong visual bent. With this app, you can organize your professional or personal life on a colorful customizable digital bulletin board. Trello is available on ...

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  7. Wunderlist alternatives



    Wunderlist is a program that makes keeping track of all the lists that you make easier than ever. You can create lists for everything from what to pack for a vacation to what needs to be discussed ...

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  8. Slack alternatives



    Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate....

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  9. Google Keep alternatives

    Google Keep is an innovative note-taking application that can be used across multiple platforms. A note can be auto-saved across a user’s Google account on a PC, Mac, or iOS device. The software ut...

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  10. Notezilla alternatives



    Notezilla is the leading sticky notes app for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and the web. Set reminders to sticky notes, Pin sticky notes, attach sticky notes to websites, docs & folders, sync them ...

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  11. Box alternatives



    Box is an innovative file sharing and editing software. Files can be uploaded from anywhere, on any device into the account of the Box.com user. The main features include the ability to upload, edi...

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  12. Standard Notes alternatives

    Standard Notes


    Standard Notes is a private notes app that features unmatched simplicity, end-to-end encryption, powerful extensions, and open-source applications.

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  13. TiddlyWiki alternatives



    TiddlyWiki is a program that allows you to capture the thoughts and ideas that you have when you don't have a way to remember all the details.

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  14. Asana alternatives



    Asana is an exceptionally simple way for any business team to monitor their performance levels while improving systems where they can be improved. The software gives your team the power to take co...

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  15. Simplenote alternatives



    Simplenote is a note-taking app that features cloud synchronization and other apps used to access various platforms. The open-source software was created by Automattic, a company linked to WordPres...

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  16. Coda alternatives



    Coda is a piece of web development software that combines all your tools in a single interface that is both beautiful and exceptionally easy to use. The software includes everything you need to up...

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  17. CintaNotes alternatives



    A windows notes app for organizing your thoughts and ideas.‎Download · ‎Pricing · ‎Features · ‎Forum.

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  18. WorkFlowy alternatives



    WorkFlowy is an interesting app that was designed to help you make lists and take notes. It has simple utility that almost anyone can use right away without any training, and it is powerful enough...

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  19. Wrike alternatives



    Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier. Our project management too...

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  20. Basecamp alternatives



    Basecamp is the calm & organized way to manage projects and people.

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  21. Todoist alternatives



    Todoist is an iOS & Android app that helps you organize your life by scheduling all of your tasks, syncing across multiple devices, and even offers shared to-do lists so you can keep your whole fam...

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  22. Springpad alternatives



    Springpad was a free online application and web service that allowed its registered users to save, organize and share collected ideas and information. As users added content to their Springpad acco...

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  23. wikidPad alternatives



    WikiPad is a digital notepad application that uses a wiki build to help you keep track of your thoughts. Wiki, originally meaning "quick" in Hawaiian, simply means that the technology uses links to...

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  24. OmniFocus alternatives



    OmniFocus is a productivity app that was designed to help with managing any and all tasks. The app is incredibly flexible, and the controls are easy to learn and straightforward. While there is a...

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  25. TagSpaces alternatives



    TagSpaces is an open source platform for personal data management. With TagSpaces you can manage and organize the files on your laptop, tablet or smart phone.

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  26. Turtl alternatives



    The safe way to remember everything. Take all your important data with you.

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  27. Alternote alternatives



    Alternote is a note-taking app for Mac OS X that integrates with Evernote and is meant to simplify both note taking and organizing. Because Alternote is backed by Evernote, you can sync data betwe...

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  28. ToDoList alternatives



    ToDoList © AbstractSpoon Software · Forum · Wiki · Donate · Forum · Wiki · Donate. Picture. ToDoList 7. 1. Picture.

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  29. Boostnote alternatives



    Boostnote is an open source note-taking app designed for programmer.

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  30. RedNotebook alternatives

    Open source diary and journal software for Linux, Windows and Mac. DownloadsOpen source diary and journal software for Linux, Windows . ScreenshotsAbout · Downloads · Screenshots &mid...

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  31. Paperwork alternatives



    Paperwork - OpenSource note-taking & archiving alternative to Evernote, Microsoft OneNote & Google Keep.

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  32. Any.do alternatives



    Any. do is a manager for your to do lists and calendar events, with both Android and Apple apps, as well as a Chrome extension and web based app. Because of its availability on the web, you can syn...

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  33. Bear alternatives



    Bear is a beautiful, flexible writing app for crafting notes and prose.

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  34. WeDo alternatives



    Do. Track. Improve. Keep track of habits, groceries, homework, classes, bills, planner, calendar and tasks. For iPhone, Android, Chrome, iPad, and Mac.

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  35. Milanote alternatives



    Milanote offers users a space to quickly and easily collect creative ideas. Not unlike a virtual notebook, the online software's simplicity gives it versatility. Within Milanote, you can open a new...

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  36. Centrallo alternatives



    I just found this amazing, free List and Note making app that helps me organize, centralize and share my life. Check it out here – www. centrallo. com.

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  37. Active Desktop Calendar alternatives

    Always ready on the interactive desktop, this fully customizable calendar software offers notes/appointments, tasks, alarms, contacts, layers, sharing and live connection with Outlook. It's a new d...

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  38. Slite alternatives



    Get your team on the same page. Slite is the collaborative note taking app built for teams: write and share your team's knowledge, meeting notes, and more.

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  39. CherryTree alternatives



    A hierarchical note taking application, featuring rich text and syntax highlighting, storing data in a single XML or sq-lite file.

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  40. scrut.ch alternatives



    End-to-encrypted, laser-focussed yet elegant editor. No registration, no login, no ads, no tracking, no hassle. Just write. In private or together with others.

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  41. Noteful - Notes with Folders alternatives

    Organize your notes and sort them into any number of folders and subfolders. Create checklists and add your own pictures. With the notes app "Noteful", you have all your notes perfectly under control.

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  42. Teampomo alternatives



    To-do, goal, and time management with Pomodoro Technique. Use Teampomo with your teammates or study mates and achieve goals together. Stay focused and complete the goals. Challenge to achieve bet...

    {{ alternatives[41].votes }}
  43. Contentle alternatives



    Contentle is a specialized messenger for anybody who teaches or studies. Contentle makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover content you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a visual ...

    {{ alternatives[42].votes }}
  44. TheBrain alternatives



    TheBrain visualizes networks of knowledge like you've never seen before. As you shift focus from topic to topic, TheBrain moves right along with you, showing your information and all the connection...

    {{ alternatives[43].votes }}
  45. Dropbox Paper alternatives

    Dropbox Paper


    Dropbox Paper is a new type of document designed for creative work. Collaborate in real time, assign tasks, make to-do list and more. Start today!

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  46. Pattern alternatives

    The Pattern team is moving on to our next adventure and joining Workday.

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  47. Mentalist alternatives



    Manage all your lists in a single page. Brilliant interface, super flexible and easy to use. It's free. No ads.

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  48. QOwnNotes alternatives



    QOwnNotes is the open source plain-text notepad with markdown support and todo-list manager for Linux, Mac OS X and Windows, that works together with the notes application of Small ownCloud iconown...

    {{ alternatives[47].votes }}
  49. xTiles alternatives



    A web note-taking app for creative people that combines the best from text editors and whiteboards. Think, write, and organize your thoughts based on cards and tabs. Structure and enrich all of you...

    {{ alternatives[48].votes }}
  50. Routine alternatives



    Routine is a todo and notes taking app that integrates with your calendar in order to help busy professionals achieve more, faster!

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  51. Supernotes alternatives



    Supernotes is a new collaborative note-taking app for everyone. Rapidly write notecards (with full markdown support), share them and collaborate with your friends and colleagues in real-time. Never...

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  52. Ayoa - The all-in-one online whiteboard alternatives

    The smarter way to work. Ayoa is an all-in-one online whiteboard where you can brainstorm ideas, work together and get things done

    {{ alternatives[51].votes }}
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Evernote Reviews

We have 2 reviews for Evernote. The average overall ratings is 3.5 / 5 stars.

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grex avatar
My Opinion on Evernote
written by grex on 2018-03-25 08:05:01
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: Evernote works seamlessly across all devices to share and save your notes in the cloud. If you are looking for a notepad application that will enable you to talk and type, then Evernote is for you. Gain access to the many feature-rich qualities associated with Evernote via a PC, Mac, or iOS device. This is also an extremely useful application if you desire to become organized.

Pros: Search Capabilities: There is the ability to search keywords and note titles across all devices and seamlessly sync to email, text message, Google Drive, and any other cross-referenced application of your choice. Type or Speak Notes: You can type or record audio notes. The talk-to-text capability is very accurate and recognizes various tonalities with supreme accuracy. Unlimited storage space: The Evernote Cloud Sync allows you to save all your notes and memos with the PAID version. There are no limitations to this storage capacity if you have the PAID version.

Cons: There are differences in the way that the visual output is on mobile devices versus Windows and Mac. Some people have noted this causes layout differences in the text. Free vs. Paid: The Free version does not allow you to have all the features as the Pro version. This is obvious and apparent in most applications similar to Evernote. However, Google Keep is a similar application that offers unlimited storage at additional cost. Occasional Bugs: People have noted that there are certain bugs that exist within Evernote. These bugs potentially may cause various documents or files to not sync across your devices.

grex is using Evernote every other week recently.
Ben avatar
impending loss of notes
written by Ben on 2021-09-19 18:30:59
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: I'm trying to migrate away to onenote because Evernote support is waning. I fear loss of all my notes. Newer versions of Evernote have less functionality each time. It was great while it lasted, I've used it 15+ years. II find Notezilla better for note-taking, but evernote is better for keeping notes for search. And Evernote keeps contextual info like GPS and date/time, so for quick audio notes while driving "what's that on the right side of the road?" it's great. I hope EN survives but I am really worried.

Pros: Grabs contextual information (time, location, etc). Support for many platforms.

Cons: Support is worsening. Impending loss of all your notes.

Ben is using Evernote almost every day since at least a year or more.

Evernote Videos

Youtube Video: What Is Evernote? An Evernote review and overview

standingstronger.com In this episode we take a look at evernote, what it is and a brief overview. In this evernote review you will get a general understanding...

Disclaimer: This video was not made by us, but we found it interesting enough to embed it here.


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