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Ramen is a website that allows you to ask questions to users on your website. Ramen allows you to ask questions in "unobtrusive" ways so as to not bother the users on your website or get in the way of important parts of the site... read more.
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From website optimization and customer satisfaction surveys to complex customer insight processes integrated with your email campaigns - we've got you covered.
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UserVoice is an application designed to provide business owners with feedback related to the products and services that they provide to their customers.
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LimeSurvey is software where the user can develop customized surveys or assessments on an open source platform. Lime Survey allows users to develop anything between short surveys and full-length questionnaires transparently through the LimeSurvey program.
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Intercom is a communication app that ensures a business owner can use messaging services to promote sales, customer services and increase his or her marketing capacity.
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UserReport helps companies learn more about the people who interact with their online content. It collects data from simple, propriety survey and forum tools integrated with the client's website.
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Responster gives you the clarity, collaboration, and control you need to power your feedback process - company-wide. Design and share engaging surveys in minutes and learn how to improve your business with actionable insights in real-time.
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Qualtrics makes sophisticated research simple and empowers users to capture customer, product, brand & employee experience insights in one place.
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Improve sales, customer success and marketing processes with a single automation tool for communicating in all the channels and gathering all the data about your visitors.
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Wufoo is a software from SurveyMonkey that allows its users to create - Contact forms, - Online surveys, and - Invitations Created in 2006, the platform was initially a form creator.
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Hotjar helps business owners and analysts take the analytics and feedback fro their customers and turn them into meaningful visualizations they can use to help their company grow.
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Mobile Forms and Digital Online Forms Solution.

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Ramen Icon More About Ramen

Ramen is a website that allows you to ask questions to users on your website. Ramen allows you to ask questions in "unobtrusive" ways so as to not bother the users on your website or get in the way of important parts of the site. Ramen also allows you to choose when you ask questions to your customers, which helps you out in various situations including when you want to know why someone is cancelling an account before they close it. Ramen also allows you to keep track of data regarding the questions that you ask your online audience.

Pros of Ramen

Ramen allows you to ask questions that do no t get in the way if important parts of your site by allowing you to choose where your questions pop up and when they pop up ahead of time.
Ramen allows you to get good feedback about your website and customer satisfaction in general or customer satisfaction with specific aspects of your website. Any feedback can be used to better parts of your site.
Ramen can be integrated with multiple systems that you may already use to get your data moving the right way as easily as possible

Cons of Ramen

There is no guarantee that anyone will respond to the questions that you pose to them. Many people who see questions on a site that you would not expect to see them on disregard them as pop ups and do not answer them.
Some of the advice that you get from customers will not be very helpful or useful, and you may receive unprofessional language if people are allowed to type out answers.
While many popular business platforms may be compatible with Ramen, not all of them will be and not everyone will be able to take advantage of the compatibility aspect.

Ramen Icon Features of Ramen

Ramen allows you to ask questions directly to your customers or visitors on your site so you can get direct and immediate feedback from them which you can then use to better your site.
Ramen allows you to ask questions whenever you want and wherever you want on your site, so you can ask questions about specific parts of your site without blocking the visitor's view of that part of the site.
You can use Ramen to keep track of data related to your questions.

Ramen Reviews

by grex about Ramen on March 2, 2018:
Ramen is a very helpful website for anyone who has a website of their own. The site allows you to get direct feedback from anyone on your site. Not everyone always does respond, though, so you cannot always get the answers that you need. Still, you get to have a better picture of whatever it is you are trying to find out than you did before using the site. Ramen also allows you to choose who you ask your questions to, so you can always get around to ask the right people the questions that you need to ask. Ramen is a great site to use if you want to get feedback on any particular aspect of your site, as you can put your question in whatever part of the site that aspect is in and set the site to ask a question about it whenever anyone goes near that part of the site.
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