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When inviting Hackerbot to a new server, it will send you this private message:
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Hackerbot BOT today at 4:20 PM

Commands for Hackerbot
Type just the name of the command for more info on that command

User Commands
;help - Displays this message
Usage: ;help
;8ball - Ask a question and get an answer
Usage: ;8ball [Question]

;agree - Used to agree to the terms set by the server staff in the server if set up.
Usage: ;agree

;avatar - Will display the avatar of the user mentioned or by default display your avatar
Usage: ;avatar [User ID or mention]
Aliases: icon

;choose - Will randomly choose one of the options
Usage: ;choose [option 1] | [option 2] | [option 3] ...

;group - This can be used to create groups in your discord and users can self assign themselves to different groups
Usage: ;group [join/leave/create/delete/list/listemoji] <group name>

;info - Will display relavant info about either the user mentioned, the user who used the command, the server or the bot
Usage: ;info [user ID, mention, "me" "server" and "bot"]

;invite - Posts the bot's invite
Usage: ;invite

;poll - Creates a poll for users.cache.to react to
Usage: ;poll [question] | [option 1] | [option 2] ...

;quote - Quote a message someone sent
Usage: ;quote [message id] <channel id>
Aliases: echo

;remind - This will remind you in the set time you want to be reminded, can have 1 reminder at a time
Usage: ;remind [me, list or remove] [reminder]

;rewind - Picks a random message from x days ago. Currently only looks at the last 50 messages
Usage: ;rewind [Number of days to rewind]

;shard - Gets the bots shard info, how many shards, which shards are up, servers per shard, etc
Usage: ;shard

;support - If you're running into problems with Hackerbot use this.
Usage: ;support

Bot Status

Hackerbot's current status is online
Last checked (2023-03-27 20:55:03 UTC)
The bot was offline (2023-01-22 14:10:09 UTC).

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