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Putting the latest in artificial intelligence to the test, Inbenta combines machine learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to form a truly human-like experience for clients and staff alike... read more.
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5 Best Alternatives to Inbenta

Freshdesk icon


Freshdesk helps your customer service team consolidate all their communication streams into one platform and deal with issues more responsively.
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Algolia is a startup that was created by Julien Lemoine and Nicolas Dessaigne is 2012. The company they created developed a software program that allows their customers to integrate an accurate search engine on their websites.
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Use the mobile app to find events in your area based on your interests or where you're going to be at a certain time. You can also find events for special occasions and that cater to the kind of people you like to talk to or your family and friends.
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Prisync is a website that allows you to check and track the prices of competing sites so that you can always know how to get and how to give the best deals possible.
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Used by Fortune 500 companies right through to small SaaS sites, elevio helps you increase user engagement and loyalty, while dropping support costs.

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More About Inbenta

Putting the latest in artificial intelligence to the test, Inbenta combines machine learning and neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) to form a truly human-like experience for clients and staff alike. Inbenta AI is a platform for site and system admins to streamline the delivery of information to visitors through advanced search engineering and real-time intelligent bot interaction. The software is also capable of understanding slang and misspelled words in both search queries and bot interactions, and it can respond on similar terms to improve connection with its users.

Cutting edge doesn't mean cutting corners, and Inbenta looks to automate what only humans could do until now.

Pros of Inbenta

Implementation is incredibly simple once the user has a grasp of its setup
Rapid learning and believably human-like interaction promises a significant leap in customer troubleshooting success and overall satisfaction with the services that the admin is providing
Plethora of search engine tools, including intelligent indexing and autofill services that benefit site visitors in real time
Inbenta's support for admins who are using this software product is excellent

Cons of Inbenta

Initial learning curve can be steep for some due to a lack of intuitive structure
HTML editing tool and auto-fill feature may not provide enough for some admins
Company is little-known and still in a fledgling state, which limits development and support from time to time

Inbenta Icon Features of Inbenta

Powerful front-end AI-driven search engine for business websites
Intelligent search engine autofill
Human-like customer service bot function that utilizes machine learning and NLP to automate customer service and troubleshooting
Customer support ticket filtering, deflection and prioritization
HTML editing tool to improve website delivery and efficiency

Inbenta Reviews

by grex about Inbenta on March 2, 2018
"Inbenta is an AI platform that one can use when constructing a new website for their business. It can also be used inside a restricted system to bridge the gap between back-end administrators and outside forces such as clients, site visitors and prospective customers. In practice, the AI touches on two important functions: intelligent search engine results and individualized bot assistance. In theory and practice, it works swimmingly on both ends, proving itself as an indispensable tool for site upkeep.

This software is great for supporting any system where the client-to-employee ratio dramatically favors the clients, which would otherwise restrict customer service response times and ultimately slow the progress of customer satisfaction in the long run. By automating what people would normally need to answer a phone or message request to do, the effectiveness of short-staffed facilities can see a drastic improvement overnight. The only hitch is that despite the efficient implementation of the software features, it can be difficult for admins to get their head around the palette of features available to them.

This product comes with site-building and result-oriented indexing tools, and while they work well for what they do, their functionality can be limited for the script-savvy. Overall, while mileage will vary by the business that's implementing Inbenta in their customer service and website wings, the results are cited as wholesale positive. The only drawbacks are limitations in the secondary tools and functions of the software for those who were looking for a more powerful back-end management tool. On the front-end, the results are indisputably awesome."
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