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Toky allows you to improve your business' customer service experience through advanced telephony solutions.
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10 Alternatives to Toky

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Pros & Cons of Toky


  • Ability to scale your pricing and functionality to match changes in your business model
  • A dedicated customer support team available at no extra charge
  • VoIP offers added security functions


  • Limited integration with social media services
  • Spotty functionality in some countries
  • Plans don't scale to enterprise-sized businesses

Features of Toky

  • Multiple phone numbers to better route your customers to the right operator
  • Clean, intuitive, and customizable client-end interface
  • Programmable queues, voicemail, and greeting messages

Toky Reviews

  • Written by User 1 on 2018-01-17 04:38:41.
    While the method by which businesses connect with their clients is rapidly moving towards social media spaces, speaking directly to a client over the phone is still an integral part of most business enterprises. Toky combines the best of both worlds by offering a versatile phone networking system handled through VoIP technology. With Toky, your company has more leverage in how they deploy their communications and integrate it with their other communication platforms.

    When you integrate Toky into your business' network, you no longer have to rely on dedicated phone banks to serve as your call center. Toky can run on all tablets, smart phones, and computers, and you can even hook it up to your existing traditional and VoIP telephones. That allows you to adapt to the demands of your clients and scale your call center or sales force as your business expands. With free calling throughout the world, Toky allows business owners to expand into expanding markets without the need for expensive international phone plans. Over 60 countries and countless cities are accessible through Toky free of charge.

    The versatility of the Toky software means that you can easily integrate it into your existing social media profiles. All you have to do is paste your Toky call link into your social media account profile, and your customers can make a connection directly through their browser or app. Toky offers integration through Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and a variety of other popular social media sites.

    Toky allows you to directly customize the user-end experience. A menu interface allows your customers to connect directly to the right department with a click of a mouse or the press of a fingertip, without having to wait through automated messages. Several template greeting messages are available in a variety of messages, making it simple to adapt your services to match differing international markets, although you can personalize your own messages as well.

    There are also a wealth of features on the user's end, many specialized for the demands of high volume sales teams. Assigning access levels gives you granular control over what sort of functionality each member of your team has access to. Call groups allow you to designate and automatically forward calls to specific devices and members of your team, and there's no limit on the amount of simultaneous calls you can process through Toky. Call filter options let you establish hours of operation and integrate them into your phone system settings. Toky also comes with most of the standard features you might expect from a dedicated phone service like call waiting, call transfers, and dedicated voice mail.

    All calls made through Toky are encrypted, so as to protect the privacy of Toky's customers and their clients. Pricing plans are scaled to the number of agents you want to include.

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