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Dropbox is a popular cloud storage software solution that offers seamless syncing of files across platforms for effortless sharing with team members and collaborators. It's been around for years and has built a trustworthy, reliable reputation.

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Alternatives to Dropbox

  1. Droplr alternatives



    Droplr offers one of the best solution for file sharing, screen recording and send them anywhere.

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  2. Google Drive alternatives

    Google Drive


    Google Drive lets anyone with a Google account store up to 15GB worth of files in the Cloud. Users can upload documents, photos, and more to a personal drive that is free to use. Google Drive also ...

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  3. Evernote alternatives



    Evernote is an application that allows you to take endless notes and save them across all of your devices with one account. You can sync and save your voice recordings, typed notes, and other file...

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  4. SpiderOak alternatives



    SpiderOak provides unparalleled security software and collaboration tools to protect your data. We’ve merged private blockchain technology with No Knowledge cryptography and end-to-end encryption f...

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  5. Microsoft OneDrive alternatives

    Microsoft OneDrive is an online file-hosting service that uses the principles of cloud computing to provide users with a secure way to store many of their files in an accessible and efficient manne...

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  6. Slack alternatives



    Slack is a messaging app for business that connects people to the information they need. By bringing people together to work as one unified team, Slack transforms the way organizations communicate....

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  7. MEGA alternatives



    MEGA provides free cloud storage with convenient and powerful always-on privacy. Claim your free 50GB now.

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  8. Syncthing alternatives



    Syncthing allows you to share all of your data between multiple devices without having to worry about your security being compromised by cloud services.

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  9. Box alternatives



    Box is an innovative file sharing and editing software. Files can be uploaded from anywhere, on any device into the account of the Box.com user. The main features include the ability to upload, edi...

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  10. SugarSync alternatives



    SugarSync is a cloud file sharing, file sync and online backup service that is simple, powerful and easy to use. Unlike Dropbox, SugarSync enables you to back up your existing folder structure. Tr...

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  11. Nextcloud alternatives



    Nextcloud is a suite of cloud-based software that gives a company a secure central location for all aspects of business data, including file sharing, chat, e-mail, software development and any othe...

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  12. Google Photos alternatives

    Google Photos offers more organization when capturing your pictures and keeping them in albums. The pictures that are taken are backed up automatically. This feature saves some of the space on your...

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  13. Zoho alternatives



    Zoho is an app that allows you to organize and stay in touch with contacts. You can send messages, set event times and coordinate with other people about meetings. The app offers several features t...

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  14. 4Shared alternatives



    4shared is a perfect place to store your pictures, documents, videos and files, so you can share them with friends, family, and the world. Claim your free 15GB now!

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  15. Blogger alternatives



    Blogger is a blog publishing and hosting service owned by Google, and access to it is included with every Google account. It lets people and organizations publish diary-style web logs about anythin...

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  16. Tonido alternatives



    CodeLathe is an Austin-based developer of private cloud file sharing solutions that enables customers to run self-hosted, enterprise file share, sync and mobile access solution.

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  17. CloudApp alternatives



    CloudApp screen recorder software for Mac & PC. Record video, webcam, GIFs, capture your screen and share it instantly to the cloud, all in one easy-to-use app.

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  18. Koofr alternatives



    Koofr is an organizational software which offers free storage for up to 10GB of files. You can buy upgrades to the storage amount, and there are options to connect the files to multiple cloud acco...

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  19. Seafile alternatives



    Seafile is a cloud hosting platform designed to suit the needs of everyone from individuals to enterprise level businesses.

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  20. Tresorit alternatives



    Encrypted cloud storage for your confidential files. Using Tresorit, files are encrypted before being uploaded to the cloud. Start encrypting files for free.

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  21. Syncplicity alternatives



    Axway is a catalyst for transformation. With Axway AMPLIFY, our cloud-enabled data integration platform, brands better anticipate, adapt and scale to meet changing customer expectations.

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  22. iCloud alternatives



    iCloud is built into every Apple device. All your photos, files, notes, and more are safe and available wherever you are, and it works automatically.

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  23. IDrive alternatives



    Online Backup - Enterprise Class Cloud Backup for PCs, Macs, Servers, Laptops, NAS and Mobile Devices.

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  24. Cozy alternatives



    We all have a life and a digital life. Cozy gathers them. In your Cozy, you have all your personal data: pictures, health, bank, holidays, accessible only by you. Welcome in your new digital home.

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  25. pCloud alternatives



    pCloud is the secure cloud storage, where you can store, share and work on all your files. You can access them on any device, anywhere you go! Get 10 GB Free!

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  26. WeTransfer alternatives



    WeTransfer is the simplest way to send your files around the world. Share large files up to 2GB for free.

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  27. Nomadesk alternatives



    Nomadesk creates encrypted, virtual hard drives on your computer – Vaults. Place your files in a Vault and they are automatically:.

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  28. OpenDrive alternatives



    Unlimited cloud storage, task management and notes for individuals or teams to keep your cloud data in one place safe and organized.

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  29. Wimi alternatives



    Wimi is an online project management tool that combines all the necessary tasks for project management into one program. With better teamwork as the goal, Wimi allows for project collaboration, fil...

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  30. Adobe Creative Cloud alternatives

    Enjoy the entire collection of our creative desktop and mobile tools, like Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Adobe Premiere Pro, and more with Adobe Creative Cloud.

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  31. Papertrail alternatives



    Frustration-free log management. Seamlessly manage logs from apps, servers, and cloud services.

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  32. Sharefile alternatives



    Citrix's ShareFile is a cloud-based file storage and sharing platform uniquely designed to meet the needs of businesses, and with its mobile app, you have even more versatility in how you interact ...

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  33. CloudMe alternatives



    Key Features: - Access to all your files and folders in CloudMe. - From 3GB (free) to 500 GB (paid) of file storage, accessible directly in your device. - View photos, videos, and documents whereve...

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  34. Polaris Office alternatives

    Polaris Office


    0%. 0. 0. license cost saving. customized office suite for customer.

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  35. Zoho Docs alternatives

    Zoho Docs


    Zoho Docs is an online file management tool that lets you store files securely, share them with friends, and sync them across all your devices.

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  36. LiveDrive alternatives



    Livedrive is the complete Backup and Sync solution. Backup an unlimited amount of files on your PC or Mac. Sign up for our free 14 day trial today.

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  37. Hightail alternatives



    Hightail allows professionals to easily share large files and more effectively facilitate collaboration on projects.

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  38. MegaCloud alternatives



    Share your photos with friends & family; listen to your music with customized playlists or backup your social media data with MegaCloud today.

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  39. ShoeBox alternatives



    Free unlimited photo storage, so you can rediscover your photos anywhere. Available for iPhone, iPad, Android, Mac and PC.

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  40. BitTorrent Sync alternatives

    BitTorrent Sync offers cloud-free file storage and sharing services able to accommodate both the needs of individuals and businesses.

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  41. ownCloud alternatives



    ownCloud is a cloud sharing platform scaled to the demands of everyone from individuals to enterprise level business ventures.

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  42. Huddle alternatives



    Huddle is an application that is designed to create the ultimate document sharing program. Huddle allows you and multiple partners to all work on the same material at once, and makes it easier than...

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  43. JustCloud alternatives



    Cloud storage made easy. Just Cloud offers ultimate online storage, syncing and file sharing. JustCloud cloud storage is rated number 1 on many comparison sites. People also askWhat does JustCloud ...

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  44. Folder Lock alternatives

    Folder Lock


    Folder Lock is a security software that helps you to password protect files, shred files, clean history, encrypt the personal documents and much more. With more than 45 million users and counting, ...

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  45. Verizon Cloud alternatives

    Verizon Cloud is a data storage solution from the mobile service provider Verizon. Users can upload pictures, video, and other content through any Verizon device to the provider's cloud storage sys...

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  46. F(x) Data Cloud alternatives

    Starting from $1. 99/month provides most reliable and upto 4x affordable Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Database as a Service (DBaaS).

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  47. Amazon S3 alternatives

    Amazon S3


    Amazon S3 is a software where the user can collect, store, and analyze data from their business on a safe, cloud-based platform. Amazon S3 operates in 54 availability zones within 18 graphic region...

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  48. TeamDrive alternatives



    The zero knowledge cloud sync & share solution for businesses. 100 % privacy guaranteed. Secure collaboration for your teams.

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  49. Notezilla alternatives



    Notezilla is the leading sticky notes app for Windows, Android, iPhone/iPad and the web. Set reminders to sticky notes, Pin sticky notes, attach sticky notes to websites, docs & folders, sync them ...

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  50. Bitport.io alternatives



    Download your torrents faster and stay anonymous. Bitport servers will download torrents for you to your secured cloud. (NOTE: I read that the website is "no longer functional", "no customer suppor...

    {{ alternatives[49].votes }}
  51. Sensecure.io alternatives



    Send and share files securely, directly, without uploading to any cloud or server. Free. Unlimited. For any platform. No registration or installation required.

    {{ alternatives[50].votes }}
  52. Files.fm alternatives



    Files. fm provides cloud data storage, backup and SaaS solutions for private un business users, so that they can easily store, backup, share, publish or sell files worldwide.

    {{ alternatives[51].votes }}
  53. CopyBucket alternatives



    CopyBucket is a cloud-based clipboard. It gives you the power of cloud-storage with the ease of use of copy/paste. Add items in buckets using copy/paste or drag-n-drop. Items appear on your o...

    {{ alternatives[52].votes }}
  54. Mana alternatives



    Have everything in one place. Communications, notes, projects, wikis and documents. Run your entire Team using Mana.

    {{ alternatives[53].votes }}
  55. Enterprise File Fabric alternatives

    The Enterprise File Fabric™ provides a private, secure, policy-driven multi-cloud content and collaboration solution. It does not ship with storage, it works with a Companies existing storage portf...

    {{ alternatives[54].votes }}
  56. Nextcloud Desktop App alternatives

    Use the desktop clients to keep your files synchronized between your Nextcloud server and your desktop. Select one or more directories on your local machine and always have access to your latest fi...

    {{ alternatives[55].votes }}
  57. ownCloud Desktop App alternatives

    The Desktop App enables users to access and share files and folders stored in ownCloud as if they were stored on their computer – because they are. Continuous synchronization to and from the server...

    {{ alternatives[56].votes }}
  58. Filemail alternatives



    Use Filemail to securely transfer files of any size, with storage space of up to 5 TB per user. Hassle-free file sharing as easy as sending an email. Our desktop app uses UDP, giving you transfer ...

    {{ alternatives[57].votes }}
  59. Cybbr alternatives



    Secure network that allows you to access and share your files remotely on the Web directly from your computer. Because you manage your own storage and easily control access security, you maintain y...

    {{ alternatives[58].votes }}
  60. Filecamp alternatives



    Filecamp is a cloud-based Digital Asset Management solution that allows you to easily store, organize, track and re-purpose your branded assets – such as images, videos, illustrations, brand guidel...

    {{ alternatives[59].votes }}
  61. Google Backup and Sync alternatives

    If you want to sync files between Google Drive and your computer, you can use Backup and Sync or Drive for desktop with your personal Google Account.

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Dropbox Reviews

We have 1 review for Dropbox. The average overall ratings is 4.0 / 5 stars.

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grex avatar
My Opinion on Dropbox
written by grex on 2018-03-02 04:26:14
Ease of Use
Customer Service
Value For Money

Overall Opinion: Dropbox is widely praised in business, computing, and creative circles for its simple, elegant design and intuitive ease of use. Users can access Dropbox from any internet-connected device, so you'll be able to edit and share your files on the go. Once you install Dropbox on your machine, a file folder appears within your operating system where you can drag and drop files, create new documents, and enjoy other collaborative functions of the program.

Pros: Dropbox offers compatible apps for almost every device and platform, including Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone, Android, BlackBerry, and Windows Phones and tablets. A wealth of collaborative features provides a team-oriented file-sharing system that works, especially the newly enhanced Dropbox Paper version of the software. Seamless integration with operating systems makes for seamless, push-button use. File uploads from the desktop and mobile app have no size limit as long as you have the space in your account; you can upload files of up to 10 GB on the Dropbox website. Because Dropbox only reuploads the parts of the file that have changed with each revision, it's able to remain relatively lightweight and quick.

Cons: Free storage is relatively meager at 2 GB compared to similar services, and space upgrades can be costly.

grex is using Dropbox every other week recently.


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Youtube Video: Dropbox Review 2016 | Find The Right Cloud

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