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Redmine provides the tools that project managers need to keep their employees on target and ready to perform at their peak capacity.
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41 Best Alternatives to Redmine

Trello icon


Trello is a productivity app with a strong visual bent. With this app, you can organize your professional or personal life on a colorful customizable digital bulletin board.
Asana icon


Asana is an exceptionally simple way for any business team to monitor their performance levels while improving systems where they can be improved. The software gives your team the power to take control of projects, tasks, and conversations so that they are maximally beneficial.
SourceForge icon


SourceForge is an online host that provides a place for open source developers to share and collaborate with the community on their software projects.
Wrike icon


Wrike is an online project management software that gives you full visibility and control over your tasks. With the help of our product, managing projects becomes easier.
JIRA icon


JIRA is a software development tool that was created by Atlassian. This is the software that pro Agile teams use to develop their own software. JIRA software can easily be customized to suit your specific needs.


ONLYOFFICE is a piece of online software designed to help businesses improve performance across a wide range of team members regardless of their proximity. icon

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Trac icon


Visit the Trac open source project athttps://trac. edgewall.
Launchpad icon


Launchpad is a cloud marketing application that allows its users to interact and communicate with prospective and existing customers from the same platform.
Basecamp icon


Basecamp is the calm & organized way to manage projects and people.
Odoo icon


Odoo's rich, open source environment of project management tools can benefit businesses of any size and discipline.
Freedcamp icon


Our mission is to empower people to achieve great things together​. The notion of simple collaboration has been lost and split into hundreds of fragments with countless tools trying to solve each piece.
Pivotal Tracker icon

Pivotal Tracker

Pivotal Tracker is a project management tool designed for the use of software development teams. It has an intuitive, easy to use interface which allows for comprehensive collaboration and focus.
Phabricator icon


A complete software development platform. Phabricator is an integrated set of powerful tools to help companies build higher quality software. Phabricator is a complete set of tools for developing software.
Podio icon


This is a mobile app that puts communication at the forefront of any business.
Assembla icon


Assembla is a piece of project management software that contains a vast array of highly useful tools that will streamline any project. It can be used to improve budgeting practices, increase collaboration, track potential issues, notify staff members of important developments, manage tasks, and much more.
OpenProject icon


Leading online open source project management software: task management✓ Gantt charts✓ team collaboration✓ bug tracking✓ Scrum✓ roadmap✓ FREE trial! Enter your search in the box aboveOpen source project .
Microsoft Project icon

Microsoft Project

Microsoft Project is project management software with a long rich history. It is designed to allow a seasoned project manager to develop a plan for completing a complex but well defined business goal.
Teamwork Projects icon

Teamwork Projects

Teamwork Projects is a project management software for professionals who want to deliver results. Teamwork Projects helps you plan, collaborate & deliver.
GanttProject icon


GanttProject is a piece of project management software that was designed by an engineer who wanted to streamline the process of managing projects. The software is open-source and entirely free to use or modify.
Paymo icon


Paymo is a project management tool that enables freelancers and small businesses to keep track of the multiple projects they are handling to ensure they are completed successfully and within the time limit.
Freshservice icon


Freshservice is a mobile app that focuses on IT service management. This sort of software is designed for use by an IT company, and it offers such companies a way to perform every activity that they might need to perform in the process of serving their clients.


MOOVIA is a social program that brings employees and employers together. The program is ideal for coordinating business meetings and gathering information from multiple people to present in a meeting.
Active Collab icon

Active Collab

Active Collab is a mobile app that gives your team the ability to constantly remain in communication through a single comprehensive platform that relies only on an active connection to the web.
Huddle icon


Huddle is an application that is designed to create the ultimate document sharing program. Huddle allows you and multiple partners to all work on the same material at once, and makes it easier than ever to share information that you are working on with third parties externally.
Smartsheet icon


Smartsheet offers businesses spreadsheets for the 21st century. The product's varied features make it a versatile tool and lend it heavily to project-management needs.
Mavenlink icon
Mavenlink's project management software is redefined for 2018. Unite project management, time tracking, resource planning and more into one place.
5pm icon


5pm™ is a powerful project & task management app with an intuitive interface - everything within a click or two. Keep track of your projects & tasks, share notes & files with your co-workers and clients - all in one secure location.
BigTime icon


Time and billing software by BigTime, rated #1 in the Intuit Marketplace. Simple online time tracking and invoicing app for QuickBooks. Try it free today.
Feng Office icon

Feng Office

Feng Office is an integrated suite of software designed to help your organization run better.
LiquidPlanner icon


LiquidPlanner is an online project management solution that helps you do the right work, at the right time. Get started for free today.
TrackDuck icon


Let your colleagues or clients leave feedback right on a website or image file. Bug tracking has never been easier!
TargetProcess icon


Targetprocess mobile app offers a unique and adaptable management solution for tracking and monitoring projects while on-the-go. Designed to simplify Agile project complexities, the mobile app interface puts the power of Targetprocess in the palm of your hand.
GreenRope icon


GreenRope is a powerful all-in-one CRM platform designed for small and medium-sized businesses. Combining project management, website content management, marketing tools and traditional CRM features, GreenRope centralizes multiple digital tools in a user-friendly interface.
LeanKit icon


Leankit is an app that allows you to identify opportunities for your business to improve through the use of Lean fundamentals.
ProofHub icon


ProofHub is a website designed to help teams collaborate better and keep track of their progress on their projects. The programs was designed to fight the major ways that most projects fail.
Function Point icon

Function Point

Function Point is project management software tailored to the unique and specific demands of creative professionals.
Clarizen icon


Project management software that lets you manage work, automate processes and collaborate across the enterprise—all from a single, intuitive solution.
Teamgantt icon


Our online Gantt chart software can help plan your projects in minutes. Try our intuitive Gantt chart creator to make project scheduling & management simple.
Workfront icon


Workfront is a cloud-based work management tool for the enterprise. This award winning project management software helps you manage people and projects in one place.

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Pros of Redmine

An extremely stable platform for dealing with project management issues
More affordable than many of its competitors
Very easy to install

Cons of Redmine

Updating software can be a complicated affair
Doesn't have the smooth interface of more high profile management tools

Redmine Icon Features of Redmine

Cloud based project management tools
Access to both gantt charts and a calendar
Ability to create forums and wikis specific to each project

Redmine Reviews

by grex about Redmine on April 2, 2018:
Managing a project can be tough work, and it only becomes tougher the more people you have to manage. While there are a number of robust platforms on the market that allow managers automate their process and more neatly organize the trajectory of their projects, Redmine has made a niche for itself by offering a rich feature set that's distinctly less expensive than many of its major competitors.

From a top down perspective, Redmine has everything you need to see oversee and adjust the big picture aspects of your project. Gantt charts have become a popular means for tracking the state of projects, in large part because the simple time tables allow managers to get a snapshot of bigger picture issues with just a glance. Redmine has full support for gantt charts, as well as a calendar they can use to set deadlines, meetings, and special events. Whether you're overseeing the affairs of a few core developers or multiple teams, this combination of charts and calendars allows you to effectively track the productivity of your employees and adjust your goals and milestones as situations demand. Complementing these features are email notifications and feeds that can be filtered to make sure you have access to the metrics that are most important to your projects. Redmine allows multiple different projects to be managed at the same time, and these can be scaled to accommodate the demands of different managers within the production ladder. Managers also have access to custom fields they can use to leave notes about issues, time entries, and projects.

The tools to track team members individually are just as robust. Role based access controls allow administrators to divvy out responsibilities and compartmentalize the features and responsibilities that different members in the chain of command have access to. Time tracking allows you to keep track of the productivity of all of your members and keep an eye out for potential overtime issues or problems with efficiency on a person to person basis. Multiple databases are also supported in the Redmine suite. Individual wikis and forums can be set up for individual projects. That means that you can have segregated discussions for different teams. Combined with user access settings, this facilitates the creation of a free flowing work environment where multiple team members can straddle multiple roles as the situation demands. Integration is also available for a number of third party supply chain management platforms like Git, Mercurial, and Bazaar.

Filling out the feature set are options to deal with ticket management and issues support. Issues can be pulled from your email and converted directly into a ticket, speeding up the process of filing issues. Their flexible issue tracking system makes sure that the right issues get into the hands of the people best equipped to deal with them and smooth out communications between management and troubleshooting.
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